DIY: Retro Wood Wedding Signs

This was another easy DIY project that pretty much anyone can do. It's much cheaper than buying them off of Etsy or anywhere else, that's for sure. We had a bunch of wood flats lying around for Drew to build us a chicken coop and thought they would be perfect to make some retro wood wedding signs. It saved us some more funds not having to buy the wood. If you don't have any wood you can use at your house, I recommend going to Home Depot to get some and have them cut it for you. It's much cheaper than getting sign pieces at Michael's or any other craft store. Hey, us DIY brides are all about saving money, right?

Nicki and I designed the words for the signs. She had the font for some of them and I had the font for the others so we just split the task in half. I printed them all out, measured them and gave the measurements to Drew to cut the wood for the signs.

I picked up some cheap acrylic red craft paint at a craft store to paint the signs. The cheaper paint the better for this project. I diluted the paint with water and gave it to Drew to paint on with a little sponge brush. To get the desired color we were going for we had to apply the paint 3 times. Drew, Nicki and I all applied a layer.

Drew adding the first layer of paint while out at the beach house. 

In the same way we did transfers for the tears of joy bundles and the mini luggage tags we transferred the words on to the wood. This took a little practice to get just right, but wasn't too hard. Just stick with it and you will get it. You will probably want a couple practice pieces of wood to try it out on.

Words all transferred.

Laying out all the signs with the proper hardware for Drew's next step. 

We got some screw hooks and eyes to be able to hang the signs. Drew nailed the screw eyes and hooks to get them started into the wood and then screwed them the rest of the way by hand. It only took him about 10 minutes to do all of the signs. 

Hammering the screw hooks and eyes. 

Drew measured in an inch from each side to make sure the screw hooks and eyes on lined up. 

Once the screw hook and eyes were in, I cut ribbon to the proper length for each sign. I used the same ribbon I used for the belly bands on our wedding invitations. I threaded the ribbon through the screw eyes, knotted the ribbon one time and frayed the edges of the ribbon. I did this to all of the signs until they were all complete. 

Threading the ribbon through the screw eyes to be able to hang the signs. 

Are you having signs for your wedding? Will you be making them yourself or buying them?

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