Reveal: Tiki Wedding Extravaganza Invitations

The moment you've all been waiting for! Pictures done by the amazing photographer, Sara Sanger. A huge thank you to our Maid of Honor and friend, Nicki for doing the graphic design for our fabulous destination wedding invitations, as well as spending many hours helping me put them all together. And now, our wedding invitation reveal!

Since we sent our invitations in boxes, we wrapped them in kraft package paper to give them a vintage feel.  I wanted to use labels that looked like the old Special Delivery labels, but wasn't able to find anything like I wanted.  Nicki made these ones for us that we loved and were even better than what we were thinking. 

We used labels with our main wedding logo on the backs of the packages. Nicki wrapped all of these boxes for me because I hate wrapping packages and Drew says he doesn't know how to.

The invitations came in red boxes with a aquamarine satin belly band on them with our main wedding logo on top of a circle of sea grass paper.  I made all of the belly bangs myself. 

Nicki and I wrapped tissue paper around the invitation to keep anything from shifting or breaking in the box.  We tied them with baker's twine to hold them all in place.

Once the tissue paper was opened, you found our wedding invitation. I also made the belly bands around the invitation using more of the same sea grass paper I used on the other belly bands and hooked a little seastar to each one.  Nicki helped cut out all of the sea grass paper for these bands since she is the master cutter.

When the wedding invitation was removed from the box, the enclosure cards were underneath all bundled together with more baker's twine and a mini luggage tag I created with seastars on one side and a sweet stamp our friend, Honey, made on the other side.
In the enclosure cards bundle there were cards with information on the reception, photo sharing, our decision to have an unplugged wedding  ceremony, a Maui wedding map and our wedding website.

Now those are some destination wedding invitations!

Inside the envelope was the main wedding invitation and inserts on information to RSVP, travel, accommodations and the weekly activities. The three inserts lined up so the graphics on each flowed into the other to create one image.  If you look at the bottom of the envelope, where the inserts are, you can see a hibiscus on each side with plumeria flowers. This is actually three different pieces of paper coming together to create this image. Both one of mine and Drew's favorite things about the invitations!

We hope you enjoyed getting to see our Tiki Wedding Extravaganza invitations. If you have any questions or would like to know how we did anything on them, please comment below. Additional posts on how to make the belly bands and luggage tags will be posted in the future.

Did you make your own wedding invitations?  What features did you love the most about them. 

All images by Sara Sanger photography.

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