Tiki Wedding Extravaganza Invitations Coming Soon

The moment you've all been waiting for! The unveiling of our Tiki Wedding Extravaganza invitations is almost here!

Many have been showing up in mailboxes across the US! Has one come to yours? 

Tiki Wedding Extravaganza reviews:

Lise H- There's only one word to capture my feeling about your invite, phenomenamazeballsawesomesaucenesstastica! Love it! Absolutely beautiful. The only thing better will be MAUI!!!

Mom- Beautiful invitation! Love it. So much fun to open and see it all. Perfect for the couple and the event.

Brea S- It's seriously the most epic wedding invitation ever. I can't believe all of the enclosures and everything. If there was an award for best invitation suite ever, you'd definitely get it!!

Honey S- I'm really impressed with your invites!!! They are very very cool.

Tiki Wedding Extravaganza Invitations Coming Soon to a Screen Near You!

All photos are personal photos and are not to be used with out permission. 

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