About Us

Kimmy was born and raised for most of her life in little towns with populations under 1000 in Northern California. Except, for almost a year when she lived in Hawaii on the islands of Maui, Oahu and Kauai. She has lived everywhere from right on the beach to the wine country to rolling fields to the metropolitan city. 

Kimmy runs, along with Drew, AfterGlobe, about how to get debtfree and go after your dreams. They are currently working towards getting out of debt themselves, before they leave Portland to travel the world. She recently just finished planning her and Drew's amazing DIY wedding on the beautiful island on Maui while decorating and helping to restore Knotty Cakes Ranch.  In her little bit of spare time, she also serves as an officer of the Mid-Century Modern League.

Future Endeavors: To travel with Drew through the USA in a vintage trailer, as well as visit all of the islands of the South Pacific and Asia. And of course, to move to Maui some day. 

Favorite Things: Time with Drew, Hawaiiana, Polynesian-pop, tiki bars, thrift shopping, mid-century modern, our fur babies, road trips, traveling, her two best friends, Nicki and Honey, time with all of our friends and our beautiful daughter, Amanda.

Things I love best about Drew: How happy he always looks to see me, how he always makes sure to kiss me before he leaves, when he surprises me with a visit at my work and the little things he does just because he loves me.

Drew is a Portlandian through and through, who was born, raised and has lived in Portland his entire life. Something that has him itching to live somewhere new. Especially, when he hears Maui calling his name. 

Drew is a  jack of all trades that has given him the skills and confidence to help re-model his mother-in-law's home and complete many projects at Knotty Cakes Ranch,  including the basement tiki bar, The Honi Honi Room. 

Favorite Things: Puppies, sunshine and rainbows... just kidding. Good food (especially Kimmy's cooking), traveling, building things, cocktails with friends, tiki, driving and spending time with my lil' lady.

Things I love about Kimmy: She helped to make me a better person, is the best most creative cook I know and she loves to dress up and explore new places with me.

Future Endeavors: I would love to travel to more exotic lands, historic landmarks and US cities I've never been to. I'd also like to donate more time and funds to charities I care about. As well as, complete all the projects on our home Knotty Cakes Ranch, finish building our basement tiki bar and learn to carve tikis. Plus, get out of all of this rain to live somewhere sunny, throw legendary parties and bring joy to all the little children of the world.

Our Life Together

After meeting and falling in love in 2007, our lives together have only become more fulfilling, rewarding, exciting and adventurous. Together we have accomplished so many goals and have supported each other in every way that we can in our lives. Here's a fun recap of our life together.

We met on Saint Patrick's Day 2007. As a result, we make sure to go out and celebrate Saint Patrick's Day every year. Two days after meeting each other, we ran into each other again. One was coming out of a cafe, while the other was coming in. We made plans to hang out together that next night.

In May 2007, we took our first photos together in a photo booth at a Rose City Rollers roller derby after-party at Outlaws bar and grill. Ever since then, we've made sure to take photos together in every photo booth (that's working) we come across.

On 07.07.07, we decided to date exclusively and see how we would be as a couple together. It wasn't the easiest decision for us with both being so resistant to being in a relationship at the beginning  but it turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made. The struggles and obstacles that we over came together only made us a stronger couple in the end. Our wedding day on 07.07.12, maked five years of us being a couple.

04.14.09 our then, kitten, but now huge fur ball, Cupcake was born.

In May 2009, we officially moved in with each other.  Before that, we had been pretty much living with each other for almost a year. We also started our blog, Tikilife.

On 04.24.10 we closed on our super nifty house, Knotty Cakes Ranch and have been working on it non-stop to re-store it to all of its glory, build a basement tiki bar and landscape our yard.

In November 2010, we got our sweet little crazy Chihuahua, Chi Chi.

On 02.26.11, Drew, the man who said he was never going to get married, proposed to Kimmy, the woman who said she was never going to get married, at Tiki Ti in West Hollywood, California. Kimmy said, yes!

We had a big party with our friends and family to celebrate our engagement on 06.11.11.

On 07.07.12, we were married in a Hawaiian wedding ceremony on the beautiful island of Maui at Kuau Cove in Paia. Our day was perfect!

In October 2012, we add three chickens, Maui, Molokai and Lana'i to our family. 

In January 2013, AfterGlobe is launched. It follows us as we quit the American Dream and go after our own. 

Every Halloween we do a couples costume together. We have been Malice in Horrorland and the Insanely Mad Hatter, Little Dead Riding Hood and the Big Pimpin' Wolf, Frankenstein's monster and the bride of Frankenstein and golden Roman god and goddess. Who knows that will be in the years to come!

Every place we visit, we always go to all the tiki bars and cupcake shops in the area. We have been to many great places together from Las Vegas to San Diego to San Francisco to Palm Springs to Hawaii and festivals from Tiki Oasis to Tiki Kon to Modernism Week to Bumbershoot. We have many more places we plan on visiting together and new adventures to be had. We can't wait to find out where our journey together will bring us next!


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