House Hunting

I'm fully aware that Drew and I haven't done so well in the past few months with staying on top of our blog. Well the secret's out and we've been focusing almost all of our attention on house hunting. Everything about the house buying process takes over your life and can be rather stressful. There have been tears shed and tomorrow there will be big smiles all around.

Initially we were in escrow on another house. After many months of ups and downs, we finally pulled out of the deal. The house was a great 1961, almost time capsule, tri-level. It had so many great features and original charm, including a waterfall, lava rock wall, and lani in the backyard. Alas, the time came that we had to let it go.

At first the search for a new house was not a good one and I thought I would never find another house I liked as much as the other. Then we walked in to "the" house. A 1960 ranch with a large basement. Within 5 minutes I said, "This is the one." I didn't want to see any other houses we had on our list. Instead, we wrote up an offer for the house.

Needless to say, this deal went much smoother. Inspection was done, items were fixed, appraisal passed, and all was done before 30 days. Tomorrow we go in to sign. Tomorrow the adventure of house hunting comes to an end and the adventure of building our home together begins.

You can expect to see less of us around town and at events, as we will be moving, painting, re-finishing floors, shopping, unpacking, and building a tiki bar. However, you can expect to see more of us here at Tikilife as we document our progress and are always welcome to stop by our new house.

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