Moloka'i, Maui & Lana'i; our new chickens. Yup, you read that right! We finally got chickens. We are officially urban farmers and we love it!

We'd been planning on getting some chickens for a while now. Our original plan was to get them next spring when we'd also be putting in our raised garden beds. However, some friends of ours had some chickens that they needed to get rid of so we offered to take them off their hands now. It was a bit of work getting everything ready for them, but it was worth it and we are so glad we did.

Drew had to work fast and build them a chicken run so they'd be able to get out of their coop during the day, but not rip up our yard. Have you even seen how fast chickens can rip up a yard? They did damage to our's just while he was building the run.

Luckily, the chickens came with their coop. Of course, that wasn't good enough for us. We added lots to it. And by us, I mean, I told Drew what to add and he did it. The coop now has nesting boxes, a roost, bigger roof with an overhang and is up on stilts.Drew also added some touches of his own like framing their window. In the future, he will make their run bigger and make the coop more appealing to look at.Oh yes, it will be decorated.

What kind of chickens did we get? Good question. We got one Plymouth Rock and two Rhode Island Reds. They are both great chicken breads due to their hardiness, being great egg producers and being social with people. In the future we are hoping to get some more interesting breeds of chickens like the Ameraucana for their blue eggs, Frizzles for their crazy feather hats, Silkies for their crazy feather coats and hats, Golden Polish for their crazy hats and Cuckoo Marans for their chocolate eggs. Its true, we like the wild looking chickens and the eggs of a different color. Until then, we are very happy with the three we got.

Maui, the bigger of the two Rhode Island Reds. 
Molokai, the leader of the pack.
Lana'i, the smallest chicken.

Yes, we named them after three of the islands that make up Maui County. It seemed fitting and all. Do you get why we gave Molokai her name? hehe

Do you have chickens in your backyard? If yes, what kinds?

**All photographs from our personal collection.

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