2012 brought us a bounty of reasons to be grateful. Getting married this year meant numerous opportunities to spend with friends and family and no end to parties that were had. From bridal showers to our cock n hen party to our rehearsal dinner to our Portland wedding celebration (pinky swear photos are coming soon). The reasons from those alone where more than enough reasons to be thankful. But, the reasons just kept coming.

We are so blessed for our amazing friends and family who traveled over 2000 miles, each way, to be a part of our big day. We loved being able to share Maui, an island we both love, with all of them. Even better, we were able to pledge a lifetime of love, happiness and trust to each other on a beautiful beach under a coconut groove. It was truly one of the best moments in our life together.

Surrounded by ohana on our perfect wedding day.
photography by Sara Sanger 

Not only did we get to go to Maui for 15 days for our wedding, we also got to go earlier in the year to help us plan our wedding. On both trips, we spent days at the beach, time snorkeling, visits to tiki bars and were even lucky enough to swim with the great sea turtles of Hawaii. Having so much time on the islands in one year was a dream come true.

We have so much gratitude for everyone that came together to help us create the wedding of our dreams. We could have never got all of those amazing DIY projects done without all of the help we received. Thank you so much to Nicki, Honey, Brea, Sara, Amanda, Mom and Mykie. We are so blessed for all of the countless hours that everyone put into those projects and all that they sacrificed to get everything done for the wedding.

If all of that wasn't enough, we can't believe how much we got done on Knotty Cakes Ranch. We know we haven't shared as much of our projects with you this year, but trust us, we've done a ton. We painted the exterior of the house, built our basement tiki bar, The Honi Honi Room, painted more inside, made the laundry room and pantry more efficient and landscaped our yard, Coco Palms Lanai. We are so incredibly grateful for how many we got done, as well as Mom, Amanda and Nicki's help in doing all of it.

Two years ago, over Thanksgiving weekend we got our sweet little girl, ChiChi. She has brought so much joy and fun to our lives over the past two years. We weren't positive about getting a dog when we first brought her home, but now we can't imagine our life without her. We are so grateful for the laughs and cuddles she brings to us every day.

ChiChi 1 week after she came home. 

Last, but not least, we can't forget all of the incredible food we've eaten this year. Hey, what did you expect? we are foodies. Plus, with all of that celebrating there was lots of delicious food to be had. All topped off with a super yummy Thanksgiving dinner that included Gramma's stuffing she makes from scratch every year.

We hope you got to spend Thanksgiving day with your ohana and to eat all of you favorite holiday treats. From our ohana to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.

This turkey sure looks grateful to be posing with a pin-up.What are you grateful for this year?
{source unknown}

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