Tikis in Paradise: Hali'maile General Store Rehearsal Dinner

Our day was just getting started once we got our nails done. After our fun Wahine Party we headed back to our cottage at Mama's Fish House to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. We got ourselves all prettied-up, got gifts together for everyone and found that almost everyone was wearing orange in their outfits without it being planned. It looked pretty fabulous for pictures!

Getting dolled up.

Presents for our parents and Sara.

Once we were all ready to go, Sara took some cute pictures of everyone before we loaded up in our vehicles to drive over to the upcounty town of Makawao to Hali'maile General Store. How do we all look?

Mom & Amanda

Mykie & Nicki

Groom & Bride

Of course, we had to get a few more photos once we arrived.

Bride & Groom, again!
You're going to be seeing more and more of us.

Mom, Groom, Bride & Amanda

Amanda, Groom, Bride & Michael

And we can't forget the very gorgeous Maid of Honor with her hair blowing in the wind.

Nicki feeling the aloha spirit.

When we were all finished with our glamour shots, we went inside to find Drew's parents and brother were already inside. We went over the extensive list of food and drinks and everyone started placing their orders. Since we were getting married the next day, we stayed away from the beverages of alcoholic decent. I'd actually not had any alcohol to drink the whole time we were on Maui before the wedding. Refraining from alcohol makes your skin look awesome in pictures. Being out wedding day and all, I wanted it to look it's absolute best and didn't have any alcohol for over a month before the wedding.

What to choose? What to choose?

Amanda goes with a virgin colada.

Lilikoi lemonade for the groom.

With food and drink orders in, we brought a little game along to play with everyone. It was a 20 questions game asking different thinks about the bride and groom to see who knew us best. It asked questions like what was our favorite treat, how did we meet and what did we want to do when we retired. We even had a prize for the winner. A copy of Blue Hawaii on DVD. Who did you think won? Our Maid of Honor, Nicki, of course!

What are our favorite bars?

At the end of the game, our food started to arrive.

Sashimi napoleon

Lobster salad

Macadamia nut crusted fish on top of purple sweet potatoes with lilikoi butter sauce.

After dinner, Drew thanked everyone for joining us on Maui before turning over the speech to me. I thanked everyone for all of their hard work towards the wedding and their contributions to our wedding. Thank you, again, to Nicki, Amanda, Mom, Michael, Sara, Mykie, Marian and Clint. Without your generosity, the wedding of our dreams would have never happened.

Drew talked short and quick before turning it over to me.

Mom, don't cry!

Everyone looking happy because presents were coming to say thank you to all.

What a beauty.

With thank yous and presents out of the way, Drew stepped outside with his parents and brother, Matt, for a Evensen family picture.

Drew, Clint, Marian and Matt

Finally our rehearsal dinner came to an end and it was time for us and our wedding party to head back to Mama's Fish House for our rehearsal. But, we couldn't miss the opportunity to take just a few more pictures before heading on our way.

Hali'maile General Store

A kiss for the road.

What did you do for your rehearsal dinner?

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*All photographs by Sara Sanger Photography.

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