Tikis in Paradise: Welcome Hukilau Part 'Elua

After everyone was feed and happy, we decided to take them over to the beach to show them where we would be getting married on Saturday. Just as we were rounding everyone up, we saw a rainbow stretch across the sky. It was the first of many rainbows that we would see during our wedding week; a sign of good blessings on our marriage.

There's a reason they call it the rainbow state. 

It was fun getting to share Kuau Cove in front of Mama's Fish House with everyone and show them where we would be getting married later that week at a time of day they wouldn't normally get to see it. Everyone loved the tiki torch flames and the ambiance it created. There was lots of snuggling, hugging and kissing going on. And not just by Drew and I! Everyone already knows how kissy we are with each other. 

Tiki torches on the beach always offer a little romance. 

Drew's parents and brother, Matt. 

Amanda looking for shells. 

Jon and Traci

While walking along the beach I noticed a flash of color out of the corner of my eye just as a big blue and yellow parrot landed in one of the palm trees. I'd never seen a parrot fly through the sky before and was very excited to see one. Once I'd gotten Drew's attention and showed it to him, we tried to share it with others, but many were already hurrying back inside since it just started to rain. Luckily, we got to see it and enjoyed the parrot in the palm tree above us until it flew away. It was very cool and I hope to see another parrot fly through the sky some day. 

Hello, Mr. Parrot. 

Have you ever seen a parrot in a tree before?

Once we got back to Nicki's cottage some people were starting to leave even though the party was just getting started. You know how it is once the parents leave.... Wait until you see what we did when things got really crazy! Tomorrow's post is all about celebrating the 4th of July.

Did you share you wedding location with guests before your wedding day or did you save it for the wedding day?

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*All photographs by Sara Sanger Photography.

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