Tikis in Paradise: No Signal

Wow! Everything sort of got away from us on the trip and with blogging. Once the wedding week activities got started there just wasn't time to focus on anything else. Then once everything was over and we got to Hana we thought we'd have some time to blog, but the Internets were down at where we were staying. There just wasn't any where we could get a signal. Not even on our phones. Don't fret; we will still be blogging about all of our trip, the wedding, all the wedding details and the rest of our DIY projects. Not to mention wedding pictures! There will be tons more jam packed action coming your way in the next few weeks! Now let's get back to our time on the tropical island of Maui...

The day before everyone arrived was BUSY. Well, the early morning wasn't. I had some time to blog while Drew slept. When he woke up he made us some breakfast of mango sausage, banana bread made by Mama's Fish House, tropical fruit and Maui coffee. Drew enjoyed eating it out on the lanai while reading the Maui paper that was left at our door.

Loved the hibiscus on the Maui newspaper waiting for us in the morning. 

We ate as many meals as possible outside while on Maui. We both love it and wish we could do it year round in Portland. Especially since our lanai at Knotty Cakes Ranch looks so nice now. Guess that just means we need more trips to tropical destinations!

More plants in our lanai. 

Drew enjoying breakfast on the lanai. 

Once we left, our day got crazy busy. I'm getting tired all over again just thinking about it. We ran all over trying to get the rest of everything we needed for the wedding, the events leading up to the wedding, the out of town bags for our guests and to stalk our place and where Amanda, Mom, Michael and Sara were staying. We went to 4 stores and filled up the car in 2 and a half hours. It was crazy and at one point I felt like I was going to pass out because I needed to take a break and have a little something to eat, but I'm so glad that we got it all done as quickly as we did.

When we got back to our place we unloaded everything, put everything away, made some food and then just chilled on that comfy bed we showed you yesterday. Our plan was to go to Haleakala for the afternoon and watch the sunset. It didn't happen. We were just too exhausted. Especially me, since I'd woken up with Portland time.

BBQing some teriyaki chicken. 

Cutting up local fruits for our salad. 

Ono! Salad with local fruits, veggies, Maui onion dressing and teriyaki chicken. 

Some say Drew's changed since we've been together. But, it's only been for the better.
He know reads actual novels for pleasure.

When we came back to our room we were happy to find it had been cleaned up. They even washed our dishes. Woohoo! And there were new flowers throughout. We loved all of the fresh tropical flowers. Wish someone came through our house at home tucking fresh tropical flowers everywhere. The Inn at Mama's Fish House really is the way to go for staying in North Shore on Maui.

Since we decided to stay in we thought it'd be best to get started on the rest of the wedding projects. I really put Drew to work. Nicki and I had done most of the wedding projects leading up to the wedding, but it was now Drew's time to buckle down and really help me get everything finished. We got everything done for the Welcome Hukilau, gifts for our wedding party and parents to be given out at the rehearsal dinner, OOT bags and so much more. But that's a DIY post for another day.

We took a break of all the wedding DIY projects to take a walk on the beach for sunset. 

How were the days leading up to your wedding? Where they really busy?

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*All photographs from our personal collection.

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