Tikis in Paradise: Settling into Paradise

Once we got our luggage and rental car we headed to the Inn at Mama's Fish House for the first 10 days of our trip. We thought it'd be easiest to stay at the same place we were getting married at and the grounds are absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention that the food is perfect.

We checked into the garden studio which is a quaint little cottage with a lanai and a hop, skip and a jump to the beach. The cottage is so sweet with all of it's old Hawaii  touches. I knew instantly I was going to enjoy our time here. Let me take you for a little tour:

Beautiful fresh tropical flowers in our cottage. 

100% Kona coffee, tropical fruit and fresh banana bread made by Mama's Fish House waiting for us. 

Plumeria, orchids and gardenias were tucked all over the place in the bathroom, kitchen and dining area. 

Hawaiian soap and other toiletries for guests. 

Even the toilet paper was finished of wih a logo sticker of Mama's Fish House. 

Our bed was so comfy and inviting. 

Loved all of the bamboo furniture. 

Pathway to our cottage. Looks like MC Escher. 

Plants right outside our door. Wish we could grow those in our yard back home. 

Our lanai. Love the huge plumeria tree that drops fresh blossoms through out the day that I can wear in my hair. 

Plumeria flowers littered the ground and other plants all over our lanai. 

Tons of tide pools to explore at Kuau Cove, the beach just steps away from our cottage. 

After we unloaded the car we headed into the town of Paia for some dinner at the Paia Fish Market. After traveling all day, we were pretty hungry by this point. Drew decided to try their Mahi mahi fish n chips while I had a salad and ahi sashimi. Everything was really tasting and we were happy with everything. We are looking forward to going back next Sunday for lunch to try their fish burgers.

Hey, this is a lot of food. Can you help me with this? 

Ahi sashimi 

Mahi mahi fish n chips, very light and not over battered. 

 With our tummies full, we headed back to Kahului to do a bit of shopping and try to cross as much off our wedding-to-do list, as possible. We picked up supplies for our Welcome Hukilau, the wedding and to stock our place and the condo that Amanda, Mom, Michael and Sara will be staying at. We also got some great Hawaiian fabrics to use for a project for the Portland reception. You'll have to stay tuned to find out what we use those for.

In one of the stores, we had so much in our cart everyone kept asking us what we were buying so much for. When we told them it was for our wedding they would all get a huge smile on their faces and tell us congratulations. Even tween boys. It was really cute.

While out shopping we saw a car with eye lashes! hehe

When we got back to our place, we found 5 geckos just chilling next to our door. I'm thinking they were part of our welcoming committee to the island. We only saw 1 gecko last time we were on Maui, but have been seeing tons so far on this trip. We love it!

Part of our welcoming committee. 

For some reason, I got a second wind when we got back to our place and started unpacking and getting things organized. I didn't get it all done, but pretty close to it. We finally dragged ourselves to bed at midnight Maui time and feel asleep pretty much instantly dreaming of our island adventures ahead.

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*All photographs are from our personal collection.

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