Reveal: Ev'rybody Loves a Hukilau

We interrupt our previously scheduled Wedding Planning Trip blog programming to bring you this post: 

Oh, we're going to a hukilau
A huki, huki, huki, huki, hukilau
Ev'rybody loves a hukilau
Where the laulau is the kau kau at the big luau

1948 Jack Owens

Having a destination wedding that can be more costly for guests to attend we wanted to make sure to do as much as we could for our guests. You might remember from before when I talked about our wedding week activities. The first wedding activity we have planned is our Welcome Hukilau on the 4th of July!

While on Maui, we mailed out the invitations to our Welcome Hukilau. We loved the addded touch of the Hawaii postmark. Our guests already got their invitations so we can now share them with all of you! Feast your eye on these fabulous works of art and notice how the large graphic in the top right hand corner matches up with the graphic on the wedding week activities. Yeah, it's another one of those little details that we planned.
How awesome are these invitations? Another shout out to our Maid of Honor!
{personal photo}

In ancient Hawaiian times, a Hukilau was a way to fish. Huki meaning pull and lau meaning leaves. A large number of people, who were usually friends and family, would work together in casting the fishing net from shore and then pulling it back in. The net would be lined with ki leaves, which helped to scare the fish into the center of the net. Anybody who helped with the catch would receive some of the fish that they pulled in. Many times, the Hawaiians would have a big party on the beach to celebrate their catch. Today, a festive beach gathering is also known to local Hawaiians as a Hukilau. And that’s just what we are doing; having a festive beach gathering to welcome our guests to Maui!

A hukilau in the 1940s.

We are starting it off by inviting our guests to spend the day with us at Baldwin beach. That way we can have a day of rest, relaxation and sunshine with our guests before everything really kicks off that night. It will also provide everyone with a casual way to meet each other and get to know everyone.
Baldwin beach is a gorgeous white sand beach along Maui’s North Shore, a few miles west of Paia. Most of North Shore is windier and rougher for swimming, but Baldwin beach has a natural rock breakwater parallel to the beach which creates a huge pool without any strong currents or riptides. Did you read that, Mom? You won’t need to worry about getting sucked out to sea! Again! Even small children can swim here safely.

Won't you come spend the day with us at Baldwin Beach?

Everyone else will be able to boogie board and body surf along the main stretch of the beach. Just in case, this beach does have a lifeguard. Did you read that, Mom? I’m going to tell the lifeguard to keep an eye on you so you don’t get sucked out to sea! Again!
Baldwin beach also has the oh so important, restrooms, as well as a parking lot, a large field for playing games, BBQs, water fountains and picnic tables. We are letting guests know that they should bring a picnic lunch to the beach, but we will have yummy Trader Vic’s inspired PB&J sandwiches to share with everyone.
After our day at the beach, everyone will head over to our Maid of Honor’s lanai for a Welcome to Maui dinner. All of the foods will have been prepared and prepped that morning by our Maid of Honor, Amanda, Drew, Mom, Mykie (MOH’s daughter) and I. Nicki (MOH) and I will head back to her place a little before everyone to get everything all set up before our guests get there.
Since that day is the 4th of July, who knows where our night will take us. To the the other side of the island to watch fireworks? Perhaps. Just continue to hang out with everyone where we are and have a quiet evening? Perhaps. No matter what we decide to do, we know it will be a great first day to share with everyone on Maui!

We now return you to your previously scheduled blogging. 

Did you plan a special event to welcome your guests to your wedding?

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