Maui Wedding Planning Trip: Let Us Eat Cake!

Mention cake and I turn into Homer Simpson. Ooohhhh, cake! Complete with a little drool running down my chin. It doesn't matter if it's cake cake, cupcakes or ice cream cake. I love it all. Well, except chocolate cake. Don't even get me started on my disgust for chocolate cake! Oops, too late!

Now you will notice that we did not even try any chocolate cake during our cake tasting. I hate it that much. I don't even want to try it. I don't want it touching my tongue. And I certainly don't want it ruining any of my wonderful tropical cake flavors!

We are having our cake made by Lezley at Mama's Fish House. Yes, that Mama's Fish House. The one every bride goes to on her honeymoon to Maui. The one with not only scrumptious food and delectable drinks, but also amazingly beautiful and delicious desserts. I mean, have you tried their lilikoi creme bruele or their Black Pearl? We are talking down right sinful!

When I first started talking to Lezley about our cake, I kept thinking how am I supposed to pick out cake flavors when I can't even taste them? It's not like it's only vanilla and chocolate (yuck). There were all of these other flavors to pick from. Flavors I'd never had before. Flavors if not done correctly, could be very very wrong! Truth be told, the whole idea of taking a wedding planning trip to Maui was all because we wanted to taste cake!

We were really excited to have our cake tasting when we left the West Shore bright and early for North Shore that morning. We selected to try their coconut, lilikoi and vanilla bean cake flavors with their raspberry, coconut and mango fruit mousses and guava, vanilla bean and lilikoi pastry creams. Just thinking back to how good all of it tasted, makes my mouth start to salivate.

We showed up to Mama's Fish House, which is amazingly beautiful, and Lezley had everything set up for us. It all looked so good. We couldn't wait to dig in! Especially since this was our breakfast. With my handy dandy wedding notebook in hand, we took to wedding cake tasting!

From left to right: raspberry, coconut and mango fruit mousse.

From left to right: vanilla bean, guava and lilikoi pastry cream. 

First we started off by trying all of the fruit mousses and pastry creams by themselves. We also tried the frosting which was a very light Italian meringue type of buttercream. Oh, it was heaven. Another amazing mouth orgasm. Yup, you read that right, mouth orgasm! We are so happy we get to have this cake at our wedding and serve it to our guests.  At this time I had my handy dandy wedding notebook out and we took  notes on the flavors we liked best. That would be all three fruit mousses and the guava pastry cream.

From left to right: vanilla bean, lilikoi and coconut cake.

Then we moved on to the cake! C! A! K! E! Cake! Can you tell I was a cheerleader in school? Well, maybe not. I mean who doesn't get excited over cake? Well, maybe ogres who pretend they don't eat sweets, but sneak them when they think that no one is watching. I'm sure they don't "like" cake. Right, Drew? Oh, sorry. Got off track there for a second. 

All three cakes were a chiffon cake. This made them very light, airy and not too sweet. They just sort of melted on your tongue. All three flavors were amazing. It was really hard to choose what we liked best. Especially once we started trying them with the fruit mousses and pastry creams. Luckily, I had my handy dandy wedding notebook to write notes down into. 

Pretty little cakes and fillings all laid out in a row. 

When all was said, done and eaten we'd come to the conclusion that the flavor combinations we liked best were: 

            Vanilla bean cake with guava pastry cream
            Lilikoi cake with raspberry mouse 
            Coconut cake with mango mousse

Oh how to choose? We needed to choose flavors for a two tiered cake and we clearly had three combinations that we loved. We actually thought about having three tiers so we could have all of the combinations that we liked, but it was just too much cake. Wait! What? Am? I? Saying? There can never be too much cake! 

Well, maybe this one time. It's not that there's too much cake. It's that we didn't think we had enough guests to eat it all and we didn't think we'd have enough time to finish it ourselves  before we left for Hana on our weddingmoon. Sadly, having a destination wedding  means not being able to have a top tier to save for our first anniversary. Although, don't for a second think I am not still thinking about that third tier because I am. We just didn't order a third tier while we were there. There's still time to add it!

Funny thing is, the flavors we picked are actually the flavors I thought we would want even before we tried them. For the bottom tier we ordered the lilikoi cake and raspberry filling with fresh raspberries. Did you notice the  fresh raspberries in the raspberry fruit mousse? Well, the mousse tasted great with the fresh fruit and since we loved it so much, Lezley suggested that we have it with our filling. Ummm, yes please! For the second tier we ordered the coconut cake with mango mousse and fresh mango. Yes, we added fresh fruit  to that layer, too when Lezley told us mangos would be super ripe that time of year. Yum! 

We thought about ordering the coconut cake for the larger tier, but for some crazy reason we have friends who don't like coconut! Drew and I just don't understand this. We LOVE coconut! But, since we knew not all of our guests did (BOO!) we figured it'd be better to have the lilikoi cake as the bigger tier. 

Then came time to talk about how the cake should be decorated. Well, lucky for us Lezley said in July they would have all kinds of orchids in bloom in their orchid garden, as well as many other tropical flowers like plumeria and we could use whatever flowers were available on the grounds to decorate our cake. Wait, you mean we can have our cake decorated with beautiful orchids, plumeria and other tropical flowers and we don't have to pay for it? Sign us up! 

One of the orchids currently in bloom in their orchid garden. 

What a great morning we had. We got to eat cake and checked another item off our wedding to do list! Plus, did I mention that we got to eat CAKE? Hmmmm, cake.... 

What adventures would we have next when we visited the town of Paia? Stay tuned for more Wedding Planning Trip fun! 

How did your cake tasting go? Did you have a hard time picking flavors? What flavors did you decide to go with?

All photos are personal photos. 

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