Tikis In Paradise: The One Where We Get Our Marriage License

Reality really hits that you are getting married when you go off to get your marriage licence. We started off the day with our morning tradition of breakfast on the lanai before getting ready to head to Kihei for our appointment. How much do you love my tiki pajamas that our friend, Honey, gave to me for my birthday? They are perfect for having breakfast out on the lanai in Hawaii.

Mahalo Honey for the tiki pjs!

When we got to our marriage license appointment we realized we weren't the only ones scheduled for the 10:30 time slot. What they don't tell you when you make your appointment is that many other couples are scheduled at the same time and it's really first come, first serve. If we had known this, we would have come earlier instead of waiting for what we thought was our specific appointment time. Now that you know, get there early or be prepared to wait.

The other thing they don't tell you is that the appointment that you make with an agent is really at someone's house. You go to their house and wait outside until they invite you to come in to get your license. Make sure you have your paperwork filled out ahead of time because there's no where to complete it outside. You can print up the marriage licence application from the Hawaii state's website. Don't sign it though until the agent tells you to sign it. It has to be signed in front of the agent.

Step right up and get your marriage license.

Beautiful plumeria tree in the backyard. 

How handsome is that husband to be?

Wearing vintage Tori Richard for the big day.

Waiting to get our marriage license. 

Once all of the other couples that were there first were called in, it was finally our turn. We turned in our application and paid our fees of $60 for the marriage license, $5 for processing and $5 for the agent. The agent put all of our information into the system, printed it up and we went over it for accuracy. Make sure to go over it really carefully. Drew caught a spelling error that I didn't see before him. You don't want any errors on your application because it could make your license not official.

Some very important information. 

Some more very important information. 

Once we had paid our fees, signed on the dotted line and crossed our Ts we were sent off with our marriage license. Just a simple one sheet of paper. No envelope or anything to protect it. I'd recommend bringing one yourself, like we did.

After we got our marriage license we had plans to have a nice lunch at Mama's Fish House. Along the way we stopped at a great little fruit stand where we picked up some items to have for the week. I loved that there was a peacock and peahen roaming around while I made our purchase.

Stopping in at Yee's fruit stand.

Love all the birds walking around on Maui. 

Picking out some mangoes. 

Once we had some fresh tropical fruit to enjoy, we headed back to Mama's Fish House for our celebration lunch. We like any reason to celebrate and thought that getting our marriage license was a great reason to celebrate. Besides, any reason to eat at Mama's is a great one.

Happy to be enjoy our celebration lunch. 

We shared macadamia nut crab cakes. 

Followed by Polynesian Beef. 

Seared ahi. 

Topped off with mango lime chilled soup. So delicious we didn't need any dessert. 

Our lunch was wonderful and we were very happy with our meal. With full tummies, we made our way back to our cottage to get ready for the start of our guests' arrival that evening. There was always so much to do leading up to the wedding. At least we were in paradise while getting so much done.

Did you do anything to celebrate getting your marriage license? If you haven't got your's, yet do you plan to?

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*All photographs from our personal collection.

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