Tikis in Paradise: A Day at Baldwin Beach

On the 4th of July, we kicked off the first day of a full wedding week of activities! It was perfect starting it with a holiday bang. We headed to Baldwin beach for the day and invited everyone to join us before the Welcome Hukilau that night.

Now we picked Baldwin beach because of it's location, the safe lagoon they had that was great for keiki (Hawaiian for children) to swim and its big white sand beach with plenty of room around the lagoon. Or at least it had been that way for years and had been that way the last time we were there in January. Not so much that way when we showed up that day.

None of these trees were on the beach before. 

So much of the beach had been cut away at by all of the trees. 

Our guess was that the tsunami in Japan reshaped Baldwin beach. How else could all of these trees have just washed up on the beach and re-shaped the whole beach line? The area where we had hung out on the beach  6 months prior wasn't even there anymore. If a whole dock could wash up on the beach from Japan in Oregon that certainly a bunch of trees could wash up on the beach in Hawaii.
Regardless, we decided to make the best of our newly changed beach and just enjoy the day. Our guests started to arrive; many we were seeing for the first time since they'd gotten to Maui. We laid in the sun, swam in the water and rode the waves. It was a great day at the beach.

We'll let the pictures speak for themselves and tell the story of our day.

My husband sure it handsome! 

Nicki enjoying the sun. 

One of the best views on the islands- the sun coming through the trees. 

Rubbing on sunscreen. 

Bride's toes.

Drew and his brother, Matt. 

Micheal enjoying the sun while staying out of the sun. 

I know you're jelly for my swim cap. 

Seriously, why is my husband so damn good looking? 

About to get in the water before not coming out for a hour and a half. 

Kelp in the sea. 

Had so much fun boarding that I stayed out there for 90 minutes. YAY! 

Amanda hitting the water. 

Really can't get enough of the sunlight coming through the palm trees. 

Gotta catch that wave! 

As you can see, we had a great day at the beach. It's tons of fun going on vacation with your friends. I think we need to do that more often.For a few more pictures of our day see this previous sneak peak post.

Have you gone on vacation with your friends? How did it go?

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*All photographs by Sara Sanger Photography.

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