Reveal: Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Last week was all about wedding mail! (which reminds me, I have some other wedding related invitations to get into the mail....) Not only did the first wedding shower invitation come in the mail, but the invitation to the rehearsal dinner came in the mail, too! Woohoo!

Our MOH and I created these invitations for Drew's parents. We wanted them to go with the wedding suite and have the same look and feel as all of the other wedding paper. They look similar to all off our additional wedding related invitations, but are unique in their own way. I love the tiki on these ones! Notice how it has the palm trees on it and matches up with the wedding week activity insert. Drew and I think they came out great! I never heard what Drew's parents thought of them. But, they have to love them, right? I mean really, how could they not?!

Again, excuse my haven't gotten any better erasing skills.

You may remember that while we were on Maui we visited the Hali'imaile General Store to try it out as a possible contender for our rehearsal dinner. We had such a great experience when we went, the staff was wonderful and the food was so yummy we knew it was the perfect place for our rehearsal dinner. Plus, we felt like HGS had a great vibe to it and would be able to accommodate our loud party. We really want all of the wedding festivities to reflect who we are and we want to show people a great time while we do this. We thought HGS fit this bill perfect.

Our families, wedding party and friends who helped with the wedding are all invited to the wedding. We wanted to invite all of our guests since we are having a destination wedding, our full guest list is really small and it didn't feel right to us to only invite some of guests, but that part wasn't up to us. You win some, you lose some, right?

We are getting super excited to share Maui with our wedding guests! The whole wedding week is going to be so much fun. Everything is coming together and almost all of the plans are set. Now to figure out what vintage Hawaiian dresses to wear to all of these fun upcoming events!

Are you having a rehearsal dinner? Where are you planning on having your dinner?

All photos are personal photos.

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