Bridal Veils

Drew, this post is not for you! I repeat, not for you! Wedding guests, you might at well scram, too. I mean really, just get out of here! xoxox

You got that, Mister?

Now that we got rid of that super cute groom of mine, let's get down to wedding business. On a veil down low...

I love a beautiful bridal veil. The right one can really make or break your wedding look. I knew right from the beginning that I wanted a birdcage veil. Lucky for me a birdcage veil looks perfect with my dress. No, no, I will not be showing you my dress today.

Veils by any means are not cheap. In fact, I am pretty surprised how much they cost. Especially birdcage veils considering that they barely take any material at all to make. They also aren't very hard to make. That being the case and my mum being one of the best seamstresses on the West Coast, we will be making my bridal veil. But, first things first. Deciding which kind of birdcage veil I want to wear.

I headed over to good 'ol Etsy to peak around and see what bridal veils they were offering up these days when I came across one store in particular with a bunch of birdcage veils I was really digging. Let me introduce you to Tessa Kim. Her veils are great and there are so many different options. I am loving her double layer veils. Never thought of that idea before. Check out some of my favorites, below.

Double layer birdcage veil

Pearl bandeau birdcage veil

Double layer bandeau birdcage veil

Colored bandeau birdcage veil

Metallic birdcage veil

I had already thought about using a colored netting before. Mom and I even played around with some silver netting one day when we were at the fabric store. But, I am not completely sold on this idea. However, I am loving the double layer of netting and the bandeau birdcage veils. So many fun ideas to choice from! What would you pick?

Mom and I will be visiting the fabric store again in the next couple weeks and getting everything we need to make my veil. By then I will have to figure out which style I want to go with, which netting and what colors. After we have it all made then I will need to decide what kind of fascinators I will be wearings with the veil. Do you have any suggestions on what you think would look good? Please, help a bride out and let me know.

Will you be wearing a veil on your wedding day? Do you know which style you will be wearing?

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