RSVPS- It's Like Pulling Teeth

Why are wedding RSVPs so hard? Actually, why is it so hard for people to RSVP in general these days? Have we really become too busy in our lives that we can't stop and RSVP for an event? Or do people just not care enough to RSVP? Or maybe even some have become so self absorbed that they have to make sure that nothing better comes along before they make a commitment to something else. Come on, we all know one or two of those kinds of people.

Now our RSVP deadline isn't for two more months. However, everyone except for 5 guests have already RSVPed. Of those 5, 4 of them we really don't think are coming, but need to know for sure. The other 1, we know is coming, but still hasn't RSVPed. They have a plane ticket and room, but no RSVP. It'd be nice if they'd just let us know now so we could just be done with RSVPs and move on from them already. I mean if a guest isn't planning on coming, shouldn't they let you know as soon as possible? Especially for a destination wedding? Seriously, I am so over RSVPs.

RSVPs- It's like pulling teeth!

In many regards, we were very lucky and received many of our RSVPs right away. We did all of our RSVPs on-line through our wedding website and most of our guests replied that they would be attending our wedding within the first week that the invitations went out. It was AWESOME!

On-line RSVPing was really the way to go. It has helped with many of the RSVP woes. No dreaded uninvited +1s, no RSVPs without names and no unchecked meal choices. We were not only able to give additional information during the on-line RSVP process, but also we're able to collect additional information. Plus, it puts it all into a database for you so there's no need to enter them into a spreadsheet manually. We are so happy we went with on-line RSVPing and highly recommend doing it for your own weddings. No one will miss the response cards and you will save some money while you are at it.  

On-line RSVPing provides all kinds of options.
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For now, we just sit and wait for those last 5 RSVPs to come in. I know that there has to be a light at the end of this tunnel! Regardless of what those responses end up being, I know that when I receive them it will make me smile. I will finally know the final head count, who's coming to what and what their meal selection is. I will be so happy to finally be done with RSVPs and the great sense of relief that will come with it. 

How are your RSVPs going? 

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