Reveal: The Wedding Shower Invitation

I just got a letter! I just got a letter! I just got a letter! I wonder who it's from....

It's from my Maid of Honor, Nicki! And it's not just any letter, it's an invitation to my first bridal shower! Eeeeee!!!!!

I was so happy to finally get to feast my eyes on this lovely invitation. MOH designed them to match with our wedding invitations. And match they did. And wonderful they looked. Truly, she has gone above and beyond designing so much for Drew and I for our wedding. (She's working on our wedding program, as we speak.)

Sorry, about my  horrible erasing skills. 

I am more than excited for my first bridal shower. (Yes, there are other showers to come.) I can't believe the first one is taking place next month. As in, the month that starts tomorrow! Since I was having more than one shower and had a ton of wedding DIY projects to complete, I wanted to make sure to space the showers out. I didn't want my precious last few weekends leading up to the wedding to be filled with commitments that would just stress me out and not allow me to enjoy the party.

Right after I opened the invitation, we went to a party at some of our friends' house. I loved seeing my bridal shower invitation on their counter when we got there. I loved even more hearing from other friends that they had also received their invitations that day. It was so much fun knowing that others also got their invitations and getting to talk to all of them about it. I can't wait to share this day with them and hope they can all make it to the shower. I also can't wait to share this day with all of you!

Will you be having a bridal shower? Have you received your invitation, yet?

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