Our goal is to have all DIY wedding projects done by May 29th. We don't want to be running around like crazy that last month before the wedding. Instead, we want to be relaxing, enjoying wedding related parties and working on our base tans. Working on last minute DIY wedding projects does not fit anywhere into this equation.

No bride wants to be running about like this leading up to her wedding day!

We've got about 4 months until we leave for Maui. Yikes! That doesn't leave much time to get everything done! Deep breath. Find my happy place. You can DO this. I better get a crakin' on the rest of these projects!

DIY Projects to Complete by May 29th:
*Wedding Week Brochures to be printed.
*Wedding Program design to be completed.
*Wedding Program to be printed.
*Wedding Programs to be binded.
*Portland Wedding Celebration Invitation to be designed.
*Portland Wedding Celebration Invitation to be printed.
*Portland Wedding Celebration to be addressed and stamped.
*Portland Bachelor Bachelorette Party Invitation to be designed.
*Portland Bachelor Bachelorette Party Invitation to be printed.
*Portland Bachelor Bachelorette Party Invitation to be addressed and stamped.
*Grand Exit project (Yeah, you will have to wait to find out more about that!)
*Reception Signs to be designed.
*Reception Signs to be printed.
*OOT Bag Tags to be designed.
*OOT Bag Tags to be printed.
*Items for Hukilau to be put together. (Yeah, you are going to have to wait on this one, too!)
*Put together and wrap every one's gifts.
*Make the rest of my wedding assemble. (This is like 4 other posts in itself!)

YIKES! It's time to crack that whip and get a movin'!

And this isn't even counting that we need to finish painting Knotty Cakes Ranch, finish landscaping the yard and finish building the bar in the basement all by the Portland Wedding Celebration. Or the DIY projects we need to do for that party. OR the projects we have to wait to finish until we are on Maui, like putting together the OOT bags.

DIY weddings may save money, but they certainly don't save time. Deep breath. Focus....

What DIY projects do you have on your To Do list? How much time do you have left to complete it all?

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