Tikis in Paradise: Welcome Hukilau Part 'Ekolu

Ok, we were just joking around when we said that the party got really crazy after the parents left. We got all that craziness out in our 20s and early 30s. Well, unless you call getting crazy playing with sparklers. We aren't talking about the sucky sparklers they have on the west coast either. We are talking about the old-school metal sparklers that leave tracers. These sparklers were the real deal!

Since our Welcome Hukilau was on the 4th of July, we put together cute little sparkler packets for all our our guests. Yes, we really did think of everything. We used these great templates that I downloaded from Twig & Thistle. Used the straw tags, too. Didn't end up using the matchbox covers because Mama's Fish House had their own cute matches and it saved me a little time. We gave each of our guests a sparkler packet and everyone had a ton of fun with them.

Loved finding REAL sparklers to use for these. 

Everyone really did have a ton of fun with these. Especially once we figured out how to take pictures where you could see the light of the sparklers. Once the possibilities were realized, everyone was trying to do all kinds of crazy stuff with the light tracers.

Lise playing with sparklers. 

Heather gets in on the sparkler action, too. 

Lars looks a little confused by the wonders of the sparkler. 

Amanda started to get really creative with her sparkler art. She was making animals, shapes and spelling words backwards to show up correctly in pictures. We couldn't believe some of the things she was coming up with it.



We had to give it a try too, but weren't even half as close to being as good at it. You have no idea how long it took for us to try and make a heart. At least, we finally got pretty close.

Feeling the love. 


All the fun we had with the sparklers was the end to a great first day of a week of wedding activities. Everyone headed back to their tiki huts and we got prepared for another fun adventure the next day. What's next you ask? Our Cock n Hen party!

Thank you so much to my best friend and our Maid of Honor, Nicki, for all her help with the Welcome Hukilau. We could not have pulled off this event without all of your help. You are amazing and we love you! xoxox

Where there any holidays that happened during your wedding weekend? Did you do anything to incorporate them into your celebration?

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*All photographs by Sara Sanger Photography.

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