Where is Your Tiki Magazine?

Back in March when I had my first of many bridal showers, I took a picture with many of my girlfriends that was submitted to Tiki Magazine. Yesterday, I was happy to get many texts from friends and family showing that the picture had not only made it into Tiki Magazine, but it was also a full half a page!

Sharing the tiki love!
Isn't it cute? I love how they are all reading over my shoulder to see what I'm reading. I also love that my two closet friends since 6th grade and Freshmen year are both in this picture. Especially considering that Honey came all the way from Texas to be at my shower. The best part though is remembering that a great time I had with everyone at that shower. Mahalo to all of you for making it so memorable.

Have you ever been in a magazine?

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