Showered with Aloha- Let's Get This Party Started!

Now the fun really started once guests started showing up and ordering all of the delicious drinks that Trader Vic's is so famous for. Oh, nomnomnom. 

If you've never been to a Trader Vic's before, make sure to get your butt there and order a 1944 Mai Tai. Trader Vic is the original creator of the Mai Tai and its one of the few places in our area that makes it correctly. I also love the Singapore Symphony and the Kama'aina. But, I digress. Back to the shower.

Guests started showing up as soon as the clock struck 3pm. Drinks were ordered and socializing began. Everyone was introduced to each other and the conservation quickly became about how each person had met me. Honey met me during our freshmen year of high school in Mr. DelCavo's World Civ class. Susie Q met me over sushi with mutual friends. Teresa met me doing vintage fashion shows at Tony Starlight's. While Nicki met me in 6th grade in Mr. Kane's class. The stories went on and on. 

My neighbor, Deb, who did our hair, enjoying a Mai Tai Wave. A sampling of 3 different kinds of Mai Tais. 

Finally 2 of my 3 Suzie friends got to meet. Unfortunately, the third one didn't make it to the shower. 

Once everyone had drinks, Nicki introduced the shower game for the party; Shower Libs. This is just like Mad Libs, but instead has a wedding theme. Everyone fills out the cards picking words such as nouns, verbs and adjectives. Luckily since it'd been a long time since must of us had been in school, Nicki made cheat sheets reminding everyone what all of these things were. I am glad to say that I did not need to use it and remembered my teachings from school as I filled out one of the cards. :)

Tropical drink, Trader Vic's drink menu, Shower Libs and a vintage purse; sounds like the start to a great party.

First we filled out the back with the requested words and then transferred them to the front.

When everyone had filled out the Shower Libs, Nicki collected them and then passed them out for everyone to read another's. They were pretty hilarious. Some would match up almost perfectly (cheaters!), while others we couldn't stop laughing over. For example:

My name is Heather and I've known Kimmy for 3 years. I biked all the way from Fresno to celebrate this day. I am so hairy that Kimmy and Drew are getting Maui'd! They have to be the most sweaty donkeys I know, and I wish them musky sailors for many, many years to come.

My best advice? Don't forget to sink before you pinch and bite after the battleship. Kimmy, you should always swim Drew's nightlight. On the wedding night, be sure to rip Drew's spleen! I wish you a lifetime of health, happiness and silky solid gold dancers.

hehe Funny, right? In case you didn't catch it, all underlined italics are the words the bridal shower guests filled in.

Then there was more drinking and visiting with great friends!

Making the rounds.

Where's Julie and Melissa?

Maid of Honor, Nicki and I. 

Next up: Tidbits, pupus and cupcakes!

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All photos are personal photos.

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