Showered with Aloha- Tidbits, Pupus & Tropical Bowls

Now you can't have a great party without fabulous food and drinks and a bridal shower is just the same. Fortunately, we had both of those with a shower at Trader Vic's Portland. Maid of Honor, Nicki, ordered a selection of tidbits and pupus for all of the guests to enjoy. There was crab rangoon (originally created by Trader Vic's), kalua pork sliders and seaweed salad with smoked tofu on top of won tons. Everything was really tasting and went very quickly. 

Kalua pork sliders and crab rangoon.

Seaweed salad with smoked tofu on top of crispy won tons.

After our tasty snacks we had cupcakes from my favorite Portland cupcakery, Cupcake Jones. Every flavor was so yummy that I of course had to have one of each. Hey, it was my shower after all. Honey tried to eat one of them off my plate and I noticed right away! She quickly replaced it. hehe

Don't you think they look perfect on the vintage tiered dessert tray? A gift from our engagement party that couldn't have been more perfect. You'll be seeing it again as the Portland wedding celebration.

An assortment of mini cupcakes.

Next up we started ordering bowl drinks. Trader Vic's is famous for their tropical bowl drinks and offers many on their cocktail menu from the Scorpion Bowl to the Rum Keg. My personal favorite is the Rum Giggle which is served in a huge conch shell. Which makes for awesome pictures as you can see below.

Me and Nicki enjoying a Rum Giggle. I love how Nicki looks surprised that she's drinking this drink. 

Honey & I. 

A party really starts to get going when you start sharing bowl drinks with your friends! Next up: I open presents. A collection of some pretty laugh out loud pictures considering we just finished drinking those bowl drinks. Oh, my facial expressions....

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*We got the party started!

*I got lei'd.

*We set up everything for the shower.

*We get dressed for the shower.

*The recaps kick-off.

All photos are personal photos.

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