Showered with Aloha- Set Up

Once we were beautiful from head to toe we set off to the best bridal shower location EV-A to get everything set up. Where did we go, you ask? Trader Vic's Portland, of course!

My super awesomesauce, Maid of Honor, Nicki, arranged for my bridal shower to take place at Trader Vic's Portland in their private Kon Tiki room. She also arranged for all kinds of other great things, but more on that later. Now, Trader Vic's may not be for everyone for their bridal shower. However, it was the perfect place for me! With someone getting married on Maui who loves vintage Hawaiiana, how could it not be perfect?

Since Drew drove us downtown so we could drink freely and none of us would have to drive home, I went ahead and helped with setting everything up. Yeah, I could have gone into the bar and had a drink instead. I just figured it was better to make sure that everything was set up on time and then we could all start enjoying the party.

Trader Vic's Portland Kon Tiki Room

Nicki did some great little extras for the shower that were just perfect. She had a tropical flower arrangement delivered for the main table that I got to take home at the end of the shower! She also made a book for everyone to sign and put wishes and advice in for Drew and I. She made some cute signs and a fun shower mad libs game for all the guests to play. Really all of the little details made the shower that much more perfect.

Guest and Wishes book made by Nicki.

While Honey set up the present area, I hurried to set up a favor I made for all of  my friends. 

Nicki setting up the yummy cookies she made as a favor for the guests. 

Honey and I stop to take a cute picture together. 

We fully made sure to take advantage of Drew being with us and had him run down the street to my favorite Portland cupcakery, Cupcake Jones, to pick up the cupcakes that Nicki had ordered for the shower. She got red velvet, chocolate chip cookie, PB & J (my favorite) and carrot cake. She also arranged for when Drew got there he would get to pick out a cupcake of his choosing for picking the cupcakes up for her. He was so happy to get that cupcake. I also had Drew snap some pictures of us setting everything up before I took the camera away from him to get all of the little details.

Menhune mug holding pens with jars of Hawaiian pineapple preserves. 

Shower Mad Libs all set up and ready to go. 

Beautiful tropical flowers really pulled it all together. 

Trader Vic's Portland set up the tables with tropical leaves and orchids. Such a sweet touch. 

Looking back at all of these pictures, I'm so glad to have caught all of the little details. I'm also glad Drew was there to be able to get some action shots of us setting up. Not to mention all of the pictures he took that you will all be able to see in my next Showered with Aloha recap.

Did you help set up for your shower? Did your fiance help with your shower at all? What were some of your favorite details?

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All photos are personal photos.

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