Showered with Aloha- Getting Lei'd

One of the great details that Maid of Honor, Nicki, surprised me with for my bridal shower was a beautiful double orchid lei. Oh, yes. I got lei'd! Now that's the way to start off a bridal shower!

What's in the box, Nicki?
{photo by Honey}

My beautiful double orchid lei and tropical flower arrangement. 

When we were all done setting up, Nicki decided it was time for me to get lei'd. That way it didn't get messed up while getting everything ready, but was on before any of the guests got there. I of course loved it. Having that lei to wear for the shower made me feel extra showered with aloha. Mahalo, Nicki!

Love how when you hold up a lei with two hands it looks like a heart. 

Nicki putting on my lei. 

The lei was the perfect touch to my outfit. All shower ready and  set to go. 

Once I'd been properly lei'd, it was time to get a few shots of me with my two best friends. I have been friends with both of them for so long I was very happy to have them both there. Nicki and I met when we were 11 and Honey and I when we were 14. It's great having friends that you have known for so long. Even better having them at your bridal shower.

Looking good, Ladies!

After we got some great pictures it was time for Drew to scram before all of the guests started showing up. We kissed good-bye, he finished up his drink Nicki bought him for helping us out and we bid him farewell. I could tell he was reluctant to leave. Trader Vic's Portland is one of his favorite places too and he knew we'd be having a great time there. Don't worry Drew, you will get to come back to get us later.

Were there any special details from your bridal shower that you really loved?

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All photos are personal photos.

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