Showerd with Aloha- Recap Kick-Off

Remember how I mentioned on Friday that my shower was the next day? Well, that shower happened! It was amazingly awesome. It rocked my world and kicked my butt! hehe. It also got me SUPER excited about our wedding!

Since my first shower has now officially passed, how about a picture of the invitation without any deleting?

Don't you just love it? 

The invitation set the stage for the shower mod and all that was to follow that day. We had a ton of fun! Maybe a little too much. I swear, I'm still feeling it. Two days later.

This week I'll be sharing all the fabulous details with you! From the drinks we shared to the gifts that were given to every other detail. I hope you will join us for all of the fun. Until then, 'Okole Maluna!

Can you handle all the fun that's about to come your way?

All photos are personal photos.

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