Showered with Aloha- Present Time!

After everyone was stuffed on tidbits, pupus, cupcakes and tropical drinks, the opening of presents began! I've opened birthday presents in recent years at my birthday, but it wasn't like this. This was like fifth birthday present opening status and it rocked! Thanks wahines for all of the great gifts! You all made me feel so loved.

Drew, you shouldn't go in further in this post. There are gifts you should wait to see later. Like on the wedding night, if you get what I'm saying....

The start of the present table!

Most of my friends got me gifts that were not on our registry. Except Suzi D got us some awesome surfing lessons that we are both super excited about! Instead, most of them know me so well that they were able to get gifts that they knew I would love that were not on the registry. I got gifts from a party puzzle pack to a Mad Men cookbook to a little something something for the wedding night to items custom made for me and so much more. And I loved them all!

I guess I was a little excited over this gift. 

Nicki was so nice to instantly start writing down what all the gifts were and who they were from without even asking. Now that's a great Maid of Honor!

Love these wahines!

New wall vase for our basement bar. 

Honey couldn't find a bridal shower card that she liked so she turned a birthday card into one. 

Honey had these super cute panties made up for me. Think I will have to wear them on our wedding day under my wedding dress. hehe

Honey also had this tank top made up for me that says Just Maui'd. Love it!

Susie Q wrapped this present so pretty! She wins a prize for best wrapping. 

And inside was a little something to wear on our wedding night. 

How many ribbons did I break while opening my gifts, you ask? Not a one! Drew and I so got this not having any children thing in the bag. I am sure this is one old wives tale that's true.

As a thank you to Nicki for the most amaze balls shower ever, I put together a hostess gift for her. I had a t-shirt made up with one of the two wedding monograms she made on the front and wedding bouncer on the back. Just a little joke between us about how her Maid of Honor duties include kicking any one's butt who needs kicking for the wedding and running all interference so I don't know any one's being an ass or has screwed anything up on the wedding day, aka the Wedding Bouncer. Hmm, I think that there could be a movie in there.

I also had some pineapple macadamia nut pancake mix I'd brought back from Maui for her and something I made for all the hosts of all my bridal showers. But, more on that later so I don't give away the surprise before the other showers happen.

Not only is she the Maid of Honor, she's the Wedding Bouncer, too!

Honestly, this was such a perfect bridal shower for me that it'd be hard to top it! Everything was exactly as I would have wanted it and so much more. A huge thank you to Nicki for throwing it and for all of my friends who attended. And of course to Honey for flying all the way from Austin Texas to attend. I loved having you there. xoxox

Wait, don't think that the party is over, yet. We keep it going even after the shower is officially over.

Did you get many gifts off of your registry or did your guests come up with their own gift ideas? Were there any gifts you were completely surprised by?

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All photos are personal photos.


calihoney said...

Love seeing more pics! You SHOULD totally wear the undies under your dress! Hahaa :) It was a blast!! And super fun to meet all your friends! xoxo

kimmy kupcakes said...

Oh, I'm planning on it. Already put them away so Drew won't find them. :)


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