Showered with Aloha- The Party Continues!

The staff at Trader Vic's Portland were so great going above and beyond that when our time was up in the Kon Tiki room and the shower was coming to an end, they saved a bunch of tables for us in the lounge. This is something they don't usually do since the lounge is first come first serve, but for some wonderful reason they did it for us. We moved the party into the lounge and continued with the fabulous time we were all having. 

With Honey while she  grabs a Fog Cutter at the bar. 

Having a yummy Coffee Grog. 

After a while many of my friends' husbands started to arrive to pick them up from the shower. Since the party was still going, they sat down to join in the fun and have a few drinks with us. We ordered a Tiki Bowl and hung out until Drew showed up. 

Jon, Traci's hand, Dana, Julie, the Bride and Joe. 

Joe is super happy that Julie and I are drinking up the Tiki Bowl. 

Dana, Julie and I.

It was great having the party continue in the bar because it gave me the chance to sit with others than I was sitting with before and to talk more with everyone. There were times during the shower I didn't feel like I was getting a chance to visit with everyone enough and this helped correct that situation. I was so happy to get this opportunity. It's hard sometimes to get around to all your guests, but the smaller wedding events are great practice for the big event.

After Drew picked up some doughnuts from Voodoo Doughnuts to invite all of the guests back to our house to enjoy, he meet everyone at Trader Vic's. He hung out with all of us for a bit before getting Nicki, Honey and I safely home where many of our friends joined us for an after party and sneak peak at the bar we've been building in our basement. It was a fun way to wrap up the night and the end to a perfect day.

Mahalo to all for making it exactly what I needed!

Honey couldn't resist the power of Drew's nizzles! 

Did you keep the party going after your shower? What did you do?

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*We made our mouths happy!

*We got the party started!

*I got lei'd.

*We set up everything for the shower.

*We get dressed for the shower.

*The recaps kick-off.

All photos are personal photos.

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