Tikis in Paradise: Wahine Party

The Wahine party was just for the ladies. No boys allowed as Nicki so awesomly put on the invitations. A day of lunch and getting our nails done before the wedding the next day.

We all meet-up in Kahului at Da Kitchen, a locals' favorite, for some Hawaiian grinds. Their menu is pretty extensive and had something for everyone on it. A few who'd never had musubi before were intrigued by it and I encouraged them to give it a try. Everyone who did, loved it. Especially, Mykie!

Love the bracelets in our wedding colors given to me by Honey at my first bridal shower.


Miso butterfish

Heatehr enjoying her lunch.

After we were all full on Hawaiian grinds, we headed over to a local nail saloon, Nail Care Center. Everyone either got a manicure, pedicure or both. It was so nice to sit back for a bit and just get pampered. I always love me a good mani and pedi. Everyone's nails looked so nice when we were all done.

All lined up reading trashy magazines.

Over Lise's shoulder.

Lots of nail art was had.

Even Mom got her first nail art.

It was a nice relaxing afternoon with the wahines and a great way to spend the day before the wedding. Plus, it checked another thing off our lists for getting ready for the wedding. Of course, I was excited to get back to Drew and start to get ready for our rehearsal and dinner later that night.

Did you invite others to go with you while you got your nails done for your wedding day?

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*All photographs by Sara Sanger Photography.

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