Reveal: Wahine Party Invitation

Now that all of the wahines (woman in Hawaiian) should have received their Wahine Party invitations by now, I can now share the invitation with all of you! What do you think? Again, I love it! 

I love how bright red they are. It really makes them pop. Perfect for a Wahine Party. And of course, they once again match up with the wedding week activities insert

What is a Wahine Party you ask? Well, it's a party with all the ladies coming to the wedding. Hey, Ladies! They are invited to join me while I get my nails done the day before the wedding and to have some lunch afterwards. It's really just a great opportunity for some female bonding. Plus, after I had so much fun with my two besties getting ready for my first bridal shower, why wouldn't I want to include more girlfriends and do it, again? As well as the wedding party and Mom. In other words, it's something I came up with for another reason to party!

Like all of the wedding week activities that we've planned, I'm really looking forward to the Wahine Party. I so excited to spend the afternoon relaxing with my girlfriends and getting our nails all fancy for the wedding. Is it July, yet? When can I start packing for Maui?

Are you inviting others to get their nails done with you before the wedding? Are you planning any other get togethers close to the wedding day with the ladies of your wedding that's not your shower? Do tell!

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