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There seems to always be some kind of project happening at Knotty Cakes Ranch. Recently, we were trying to figure out which direction we wanted to go with a new front door. We even posted a blog about it. Would you believe that we ended up not going with any of those doors? Ha!

We made a huge, 6 page list of all of the house projects we still have left to do. Some of them are easier items like picking the colors for our home office and we've already checked that one off the list. Others take a bit more time and effort like replacing the flooring in our kitchen and bathrooms. We sure will be glad when the ugly linoleum that's in those rooms now is gone, but it's going to be a bigger project to do it all and we still have to figure out what it is that we are even wanting to do. And what kind of tile we want to use.

Would any of these look right in our kitchen?

After making this huge list, we had to figure out what we needed to do next and by what timeline. We set the goal for our next group of projects for February 17th, 2013. We will be having some guests from Australia visiting the week after that. Plus, we will also be hosting the Mid-Century Modern League meeting at Knotty Cakes Ranch the following week. All the more reason to complete some more house projects.

What did we decide on for our next set of projects? Glad you asked. We will be completing the following:

* Replace and paint our front door.
* Purchase and put in starbusrt doorknob for front door. (Side note, Rejuvenation gift certificates would be awesome for Christmas to help us get this.)
* Purchase and replace front porch light. (Rejuvenation gift certificates would help us get this, too.)
* Finish trim and counter tops for bar.
* Decide on layout for shelving in laundry and pantry.
*Re-organize everything in the laundry room pantry after shelving.
* Go through items in home office and garage to be able to take another trip to the Goodwill.
*Take vintage record players downstairs to the basement.
*Refinish broken record player into a side board.
*Bring big TV up from basement and put on Craigslist.
*Touch up paint inside house.
*Reinforce and paint basement stairs.
*Paint and decorate stairwell.
*Frame and hang more art for basement. (Chrisman Picture Framing gift certificates would also be awesome for Christmas to help us frame many more pieces of art.)
*Go through and organize coat, bathroom, cleaning, holiday and linen closets.
*Decide on tile pattern and replace flooring in kitchen and bathrooms.
*Pick out and install base boards in kitchen and bathrooms.
*Shorten curtains in main bedroom.
*Hang wedding pictures.
*Finish hanging shelves and hooks in dressing room.
*Replace sink in half bath.
*Recover small chair cushions in bar.
*Clean up and repair bamboo furniture.
*Start working on guest bedroom so that we can at least have guests stay in there.

What do you think? Do you think that we will be able to get all of this done in 14 weekends? What if I told you that there will be some extra time off at the holidays to complete projects, as well. Stay tuned to see the progress we make and find out if we complete it all in time.

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