What's Behind Door #1?

We have a couple projects we are currently working on for Knotty Cakes Ranch. One of them is trying to figure out which front door would be best for the house. The house actually still has it's original door and if it wasn't so damaged, we'd consider painting it and leaving it be. However, with the damage and also thinking that the design of the door doesn't go well with how the outside of the house is now painted and decorated, we decided it was time to replace the door.

To keep with the mid-century look of the house, we turned to Crestview Doors to find the perfect front door for Knotty Cakes Ranch. They have a handy dandy Door-O-Vision tool on their site where you can upload a picture of the front of your house and try different doors on it in different colors. Since we are not ready to post full pictures of how Knotty Cakes Ranch currently looks on-line, we used an old picture of the house before the front was all painted. When looking at the door choices, think of the house painted charcoal with red trim and white accent.

House with current door that you can't see behind the old screen door.

A sneak peak at our new sunburst screen door to give you an idea of what would be in front of the door.

And now for the doors we've been looking at for Knotty Cakes Ranch. Keep in mind that we will be doing the door in red. The Door-O-Vision did not have an option to make the door red, so we went with white to make the doors stand out better when trying to pick which one we thought looked best. Once you look through all of the doors, please vote for the ones you like best in the poll at the the end of this post.

Door #1- The Parkway

Door #2- Full Lite

Door #3- The Lexington

Door #4- The Lafayette

Door #5- The Langston and The Hobson

Door #5 can either come with the windows going along the side, The Langston. Or the windows can go down the middle, The Hobson. The Door-O-Vision didn't have the option for me to center the windows, so you will have to use your imagination on how The Hobson would look.

Also before you make your selection and vote, keep in mind that our door will have a starburst doorknob to match our starburst doorbell. Both are in silver. Which door do you think would look best with our house and also the starburst doorknob?

Starburst Doorknob

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