When I was living in Hawai'i I remember chickens being all over the place. After Hawai'i, we lived in Bodega Bay and had a large number of chickens at our home with the ocean right in our backyard. They were so much fun to feed, collect the eggs from each day and even chase.

My mom and I got chickens, again when Amanda was a baby. Our chickens, Pina and Colada, were very friendly and we could pick them up and hold them pretty much any time. They were great at natural pest control and fertilizer and I swear that's why we grew such wonderful raspberries.

Ever since moving to Portland and finding out that they allow households to own chickens here I have been wanting to get some chickens to once again add to our family. We will finally be able to get them after we buy our house. I'm not sure exactly what kind of chickens I want to get, but I know I want them to have some pretty crazy feathers.

I also want to build them a really great chicken coop. I have an idea in mind, but I want it to be a surprise for everyone. Guess you will all have to come to our huge house warming party we are planning on having to find out what it is. Maybe we will even make it on the Tour de Coops route one day!

Now we just have to figure out what to name them. Any ideas?


bad *ss mamma said...

Donkey & Punch.

kimmy kupcakes said...

heh heh Stef? Is that you?

bad *ss mamma said...

How'd ya guess????

kimmy kupcakes said...

It could only be you to suggest your favorite drink.


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