All We Want for Christmas....

Is gift certificates to Hawaiian Airlines! You had to see that one coming! We've been asked about what we would like for Christmas a few times and couldn't come up with much. You see we have more than enough stuff (are still working on getting rid of more) and don't really need anything besides some more supplies to finish restoring the house. As much as we love getting house projects done, it's not very much fun to always say we'd like stuff for the house. Plus, we love our trips to Hawaii!

Hawaiian Airlines gift certificates are always a great gift idea!

Also, we are much happier in life the more we get to go to Hawaii. It not only makes it easier to get through long days at work when we have our next trip to Hawaii to look forward to, but it also helps get us through the long rainy winters of Portland. We can't think of a better gift then contributing to our happiness and giving us warm sunny days to look forward to. Not to mention the great memories that come from those trips. There's still so much of the islands for us to see together. We love Hawaii, can't wait until our next trip there and are always happy to have a little help to get us there. In case you are wondering, Hawaiian Airlines gift certificates make great birthday presents, as well.

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