Engagement Party 1 Year Ago

We can't believe it's already been one year since out engagement party. Especially since that means that our wedding is in less than 4 weeks now. WOW! Less than 4 weeks to go!

We thought it'd be fun to re-visit our engagement party and re-live that fun day filled with friends and family. Mom threw the engagement party for us at our house since most of the guests live closer to us. She thought it would be easier for all of them to attend. It was also closer for family driving down from Seattle.

Invitations to our engagement party were sent out and the day for the party finally arrived. Mom and Maid of Honor, Nicki, came up early to set everything up for the party. Mom even made a Paradise Delight cake with layers of guava, lilikoi and lime all topped with whip cream and guava glaze. Drew helped them set some things up while I was off being a proper bride-to-be getting my hair done all fancy.

I'll let some photos from the party tell you the rest of the story.

Mom putting the finishing touches on the cake. 

Nicki making up tasty finger sandwiches in three different varieties. 

Why yes we do wear matching outfits from time to time. It makes us laugh. 

Drew with our friends, Dana, Joe and Theressa.

Liza and Shawn

Amanda's Auntie Katie, Gramma Sharie and niece, Emma all happened to be in town for a family wedding and were also able to come to our engagement party. 

Joe and Dana always with drinks in hand and of course, Dana's carrying the food. 

Friends and neighbors, Paul, Joe, Deb, Dana, Justin and Greg. 

Frank and Teresa in front of the tiki bar. 

So happy to see friends we hadn't seen in much too long. 

Kimmy with friends, Delona, Stef and Dawn. 

Traci and Kimmy

Love seeing all of the friends behind us. 

Always kissing!

Some of my family came down from Seattle for the party. Aunt Debbie, cousins Sophie and  Emma and Gramma. Not pictured: Grampa. 

So nice to see friends Suzie Q and Brett "F"ing Jones with baby Oscar.  We never get to see them enough. 

Best. Engagement. Card. Ever! 

Thank you, again to everyone who made it to our engagement party. The day was so much fun and filled with so much love. We are so happy we could share it with all of you. If you'd like to see more pictures from our engagement party, check out the album on our wedding website. We look forward to celebrating with everyone at our wedding and at home reception. 

Did you have an engagement party? 

*All photographs are from our personal collection.  

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