All the Small Things

With less than 2 weeks until we leave for Maui and less than 3 weeks until the wedding, our time has become very precious. We have been busting our butts to get so much done before we go to make sure we aren't scrambling last minute. Especially since I work 9 days in a row starting tomorrow. This past weekend was the last weekend we had off together before we leave and made sure to fully utilize that time. This resulted in some serious crunch time to get things done this weekend.

Remember before when I talked about how I should be doing something for the wedding and felt like I was in the middle of the eye of the storm? Yeah, I don't feel that way anymore. Either does Drew. Now it's go-go time! And there's no room for cry-cry! There has barely been time to even clean the inside of Knotty Cakes Ranch. Thankfully, Mom came up and helped us out in that area. We wouldn't have got it done with out her and would have hated coming home to a messy house after our wedding.

It's go-go, not cry-cry.

Besides finally finishing the landscaping to our yard for a beautiful backdrop to our Portland reception, starting the painting on the backside of Knotty Cakes Ranch and getting all final numbers in for our wedding day, we've also completed a huge stack of DIY projects. Looking at our list before, we got everything done and then some.

DIY Projects to Complete by May 29th:

*Wedding Week Brochures to be printed.
*Wedding Program design to be completed.
*Wedding Program to be printed.
*Wedding Programs to be binded.
*Portland Wedding Celebration Invitation to be designed.
*Portland Wedding Celebration Invitation to be printed.
*Portland Wedding Celebration to be addressed and stamped.
*Grand Exit project.
*Reception Signs to be designed.
*Reception Signs to be printed.
*OOT Bag Tags to be designed.
*OOT Bag Tags to be printed.
*Items for Hukilau to be put together here.
*Put together and wrap every one's gifts.

Yes, we got everything done that we had on the list to complete before we left for Maui! Of course, we still have our list of items to do after we get to Maui. Being the overachiever that I am, I already got a head start on some of the things on our Maui To Do List.

Maui To Do List to Complete by July 4th:
*Get all items to be given out at wedding together.
*Put together OOT bags.
*Figure out how to put together favor boxes.
*Put together favor boxes.
*Make utensil bundles.
*Finish putting together items for Hukilau.
*Get everyone's gifts together.

Not too much to do once we get to Maui. Exactly how we wanted it. We put together the night of July 3rd, before all the wedding festivities start on the the 4th, to get all of this stuff together and ready to go. Do you think we can do it?

We also got almost all of our packing for our trip done this weekend. We were surprised by how little luggage we are actually taking. We have two large bags to check and 3 carry-on bags including the one that Amanda will be taking. Plus, my wedding dress. We can't forget that!

There are a couple appointments to go to, small things to pick up and those items you pack the morning you are leaving before we go, but we are pretty much ready to go. Come on July 1st! Hurry up and get here already! We are so ready for this wedding!

Are you ready for your wedding? What do you have left to do?

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