Sushi Station

We love us some sushi. Nomnomnom! In fact, we love it so much that we've been considering it for our Portland wedding celebration. Since we are having a fun tropical cocktail style at home reception with an assortment of tidbits and pupus, we thought sushi would fit in perfect.

Sushi on ice.

We felt the key to making sure we had a successful selection of appetizers was to make sure that there was enough platters of food that would not only be set up as a buffet station, but were also passed around to our guests. We wanted to make sure we didn't run the risk of guests feeling like there wasn't enough food, but also didn't want to be providing a full meal to them. Our at home reception may be after lunch and before dinner, but we still want our guests to leave filling happy and satisfied. A sushi station will be a perfect addition to the other tidbits and pupus we have planned.

Now that's a sushi station!

The important thing to remember if you plan to serve appetizers for your reception, is you will need a larger variety than you would if you were serving appetizers only before a plated dinner. You will also need to include some hearty additions to satisfy your guests' tummies. This is another reason that having a sushi station at a reception is a great idea. Not only is the rice very fillings, but they are also packed full of protein. If you have vegetarians you can have a selection of sushi filled with vegetables and/or bean curd. Sushi is something that can satisfy a large selection of palettes.

Serving continuous appetizers throughout your reception is cheaper than serving a plated meal or a full buffet. It's also ideal for venues that cannot accommodate seating for all of your guests, like our backyard. It also makes for a more relaxed and social wedding reception, than a formal sit down dinner and provides more opportunity for the bride and groom to mingle with their guests. Exactly what we want in our at home reception. We hope our guests will enjoy it.

A sushi wedding cake! Fun to look at, but it looks hard to serve.
What kind of meal are you planning on serving at you reception? Did you consider doing anything different? 

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