Sharing Our Wedding Website

I've spent way too much time on our wedding website. I've poured countless hours into, stayed up way too late working on it and have spent even more time gathering information for it. I've put so much information there to make sure that our guests can go straight to it and all they need to know is in one place. Especially since we are having a destination wedding.

I also did a lot of research on which site we'd want to host our site through. In the end, we decided to go with WedQuarters. They had all different designs, one that was PERFECT for our wedding theme, and lots of additional features. The feature we loved best was that our guests could RSVP right on our wedding website. That meant no reply cards, not having to pay for more stamps and no reply cards getting lost in the mail.

Making a wedding website not only provided us with the opportunity to provide wedding, Portland celebration and travel information to our guests, but it also lets us share our story of how we met and give friends and family a chance to learn more about us. Things that many people may not know. Such as how much we have in common, all of the similar interests we share and how much we complement each other. We have people we barely know telling us all the time what a great match we are, but sometimes those that should know us better seem to miss all of the similarities. It's kind of funny how that happens. Lucky we have our fabulous wedding website with all kinds of extra details.

If you've been on the fence about making a wedding website or not, I say go for it. They are easy to make, allow your guests to go there any time, day or night to get all of the wedding information they need (including Aunt Jane who always calls last minute for the address she lost, again) and you won't have to repeat yourselves again and again giving out the same wedding information and stories over and over. In today's day and age they are a must. You won't be disappointed in creating one and neither will your guests.

Have you created a wedding website?

*All photographs are from our personal collection. 

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