10 Things I've Learned From Wedding Planning

Along the way through wedding planning, I learned a few things. Things that could help you in your every day life regardless if you are planning a wedding or not. If you are planning one, they could be a tremendous help.

1. Always RSVP. Even better RSVP as soon as you get an invitation. There is no excuse for you not to RSVP right away.

2. When you RSVP that you will be attending an event, write it down. Put it in your phone, calendar and everywhere else you keep track of events. If you  RSVP yes for an event and then just don't show up it makes you an ass hole. It makes you an even bigger one if you simply forgot.

3. If you say you are going to be some where, you better show up. It doesn't matter if something better comes along. You have already committed to another event and need to follow through on your commitments. Not to mention someone else is counting on you to be there and has probably put money forward because you said you would be. Refer to #2 about how not showing up to an event you RSVPed for makes you an ass hole.


4. Remind guests of your event a day or two before it if you want to make sure that no one forgets. Yes, it is your guests responsibilities to remember where they are supposed to be and when, but we all know people who just aren't capable of doing this for themselves. They forget they said they would be at something or are always late. Again, it's not your responsibility to keep their rude behaviors in check, but a good hostess will always send out a little reminder in one way or another.

5. No one thinks your wedding is as important as you do.No, really. They just don't. In other words, they don't want to talk about it half as much as you'd like to think that they do.

6. Wedding planning really can bring out the worst in people. Prepare yourself for family drama to arrive at your door and for insisting people you've never met to be invited to your wedding. Don't think it won't happen, it will. Even if everyone is of an adult age, there is always someone who still stumps their feet and acts like a 5 year old.

7. Don't put things off until the last minute. Get as much as possible done early to keep yourself from being wound up into a huge ball of stress right before your wedding day. While you are at it, scratch a few of those DIY items off of your wedding to do list. You don't need them all and no one will miss them.

8. You can't make EVERYONE happy. Don't even try. It's not going to happen. Instead, focus on what is going to make you and your fiance happy and make those things happen. What makes the two of you happy is what really matters.

9. At some point, you will wish you just ran off and eloped. It's alright to feel that way. It's even alright to just elope.

10. Make sure to take time for you and your fiance. This is a big one. Wedding planning is stressful with a capital S. Arguments will happen, opinions will be stated, families will overstep boundaries, etiquette will be broken and feelings will be hurt. Don't let it get the best of you. Take time for just the two of you away from all of the wedding planning, stress and family drama. Enjoy a nice dinner out, take a walk along the waterfront or anything else that you would like to do together. Just the two of you, enjoying each other and remembering why you decided to get married in the first place. Everything else can wait for a few hours.

What have you learned while planning your's or another's wedding?

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