DIY: Wrapping Up Our Wedding Invitations

Yesterday we showed you how we made our mini luggage tags and enclosure card bundles for our wedding invitations. Today we are going to finish showing you how we put them together and wrapped them up.

You will also be lucky enough to see some pictures of our super cute Maid of Honor.  I'm always the one taking the pictures, so usually all you get to see is my hand on these projects.  Don't worry, my hand does make an appearance.

One of the things that is great about everything I've been working on with our Maid of Honor is she is happy to do all of the things I hate.  I actually think she even likes doing them.  She folded all of the tissue paper for the insides of the invitation boxes and got them all ready for the invitations.

While she worked on that, I filled in the numbers on the RSVP cards.  That way guests would know exactly how many leis had been reserved in their honor. Just in case, they got confused by which names were on their invitation and thought they could invite others. In other words, Mom will not be able to bring her 50  boyfriends with her. Calm down, Mom. We know you don't have 50 boyfriends. You're an old maid now and only have 49. Sheesshhh.

It took a few tries to figure out exactly how to fold the tissue paper to make sure it fit inside the boxes correctly. 

Waiting for the invitations. 

It's always a good idea to fill in how many the RSVP is for. 

Once all of this was done, we glued the main invitation using the same scrape booking tape to the inside of the pocket fold and put the inserts all together into the pocket. It's a little hard to see in the picture, but when the inserts are all lined up with each other they create the same design that the invitation has along the sides.  Drew thought this was the coolest and exclaimed, "This is so awesome! It's like MAD magazine!" Oh, the things that make guys happy for the wedding!

The pocket folds went on top of the enclosure card bundles. 

The bands we made were slide onto the pocket folds. 

The tissue paper was folded around the pocket fold and tied with baker's twine. 

The lid was put on the box and the other bands we made were put around the box.

We wanted to make sure the invitation boxes had a little extra protection just in case the package paper ripped in transit, so we wrapped them in a layer of tissue paper. We wrapped them in brown packaging paper to give them a vintage feel and put mailing labels on them influenced by the old Air Mail labels. They really gave them a nice finishing touch and made even the brown paper wrapping look special.

We had to use a spray adhesive that was a little hard to work with to attach the labels .

SEE! I told you my hand would make an appearance. 

We put a mailing seal with our wedding logo on it on the back of each package.

All boxed up and ready to be mailed from Bridal Veil Oregon
After many months, we sure were happy to have these all done!

How long did it take you to make your wedding invitations? Did you have any bumps along the way?

*All photos are personal photos.*

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