DIY: Mini Luggage Tags and Enclosure Card Bundles

Whoops! It appears that we never finished posting about how we made our wedding invitations.  We showed you the invitations in our reveal. Then we showed you how we made the bands for the invitation boxes and the bands for the pocket folds. And then, well, nothing. There was just so much other great wedding stuff to share this got put off for a while is all. Really, we didn't forget.

We are going to start off with a few bits and pieces of smaller projects that we did for the invitations. And apparently a whole bunch of other DIY projects, too. I forget sometimes how much we've done until I start looking through all of the pictures I've taken of all of it. Let's just say you have a ton of DIY posts coming your way. You're really excited, right?! I knew it! And back to how we made our wedding invitations.

I made a bunch of mini luggage tags that were used on the enclosure card bundles.  To do this, I punched scalloped circles out of Tiffany blue paper stock and sea grass paper. After that I punched mini luggage tags also out of the blue paper and put eyelets in the luggage tags to be able to string twine through them.

You can get all of the tools I used at Michael's Art &Crafts

All of our red and Tiffany blue paper, envelops and pocket folds came from  paper and more!

We've used the Crop-A-Dile for lots of wedding projects. It's was worth getting one. 

Don't be intimated, it's really easy to use. 

Next I did the same transfer process that I did for the seastar ornaments, but I used a different stamp to transfer this time. This stamp was also made by our friend, Honey. I taped the scalloped sea grass circles to the tags and hot glues two little seastars on top.

Scrape booking tape worked great for this project.

Checked through all of the seastars to make sure they weren't broken before I attached them . 

This is one of my favorite stamps that Honey made. 

While the luggage tags dried, I put the reception information card, Maui wedding map, photo share and unplugged ceremony cards and the wedding website cards together in bundles. I wrapped the bundles with baker's twine and put one of the mini luggage tags I just made on each one.  The bundles were the first item placed in the invitation boxes on top of the tissue paper lining the boxes.

How cute are the wedding maps? I love the fun kitch feel they have to them and the map key on the back. 

Drew helped us by making up a few Potted Parrots to sip while we worked on the invitations. 

All bundled up and waiting for the invitation. 
Tomorrow we will show you the last post in how we made our wedding invitations.

Did you make or buy your wedding invitations? Did you ever wish you did differently?


Carina aka "the youngest one" said...

Kimmy - per usual your projects look amazing! I am definitely having wedding envy! Can you give a little more info on your maps. They look really great. Did you make them yourself? Where did you find the graphics? What software did you use?

kimmy kupcakes said...

Thank you, again. They were done in Photoshop. A map of Maui was used and all of the graphics are from iStock. My gf, Honey, made them for me since I don't have photoshop and she really wanted to help out wiht the wedding in some way. So glad that she did. They came out super cute! I sent over the file that she made to VistaPrint to have them printed up.


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