DIY: Making Our Seastar Ornaments

Fun fact: Did you know that starfish are in fact not fish and are now called seastars? It can be hard to break old habits on what you call things, sometimes.

We first mentioned our seastar ornaments in the Hawaiian Christmas bags that we gave to our parents and wedding party. Not only did we give these with the gift bags, but also to friends who we knew are coming to the wedding. For a quick DIY, I thought I'd share with you how we made them. Seriously, this is a really easy one.

First I purchased a Heartsy daily deal and used it to get seastar ornaments from The Shabby Chic Cottage. They were simple and exactly what we wanted. Next I went to Michael's Crafts and purchased ribbon in our blue wedding color. Our Maid or Honor printed up the graphics and words needed for this project for me.  All other supplies, we already owned from previous wedding DIY projects.

Next I made the mini luggage tags to attach to the seastars. To make them I took the same steps as I did to make the luggage tag save the date magnets.  Except this time I used a punch to make the tags. I got the idea from Mrs. Piglet over at Weddingbee. You'll get to see some other ideas I got from her in some later posts, too.

To do the printing on the tags, I did a photo transfer process that our Maid of Honor taught me. You print up everything backwards, photocopy it and then use the photo transfer pen to transfer it on to the tags.  Then let them sit and dry. The front read, "Join us in paradise. 07.07.12".

{personal photo}

Always make sure that you have extras because they won't all turn out. You'll need to experiment with how hard to push down, too.  It's harder than you think, but not too hard.  I love how it gives the look of an ink stamp without having to spend the money to have a stamp made. 

{personal photo}

Once the tags dried on the front side, I removed the piece of papers, turned them over and did the process all over on the other side.  I used another one of the cute stamps our friend Honey made for us.  Don't you love them?

{personal photo}

Once the tags were all done, I inserted ribbon in our blue color through the eyelet and tied them around the seastar. I loved the way they turned out! Very classic.

{personal photo}

What kind of DIY wedding projects are you currently working on?

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