DIY: Cupcake Picks & Swizzle Sticks

With all of our Maui posts we haven't posted any of our DIY projects in a while. And boy do we have a lot!

Now wedding and Portland reception guests, I suggest you look away! You don't want to spoil the surprise. Looking below could burn your eyeballs! 

Yup, I went there!

 Now that we got rid of those pesky guests....

 First up we have the cupcake and swizzle sticks I made for the Portland wedding celebration. This was another really easy DIY project. I promise, really easy. 

I still had card stock left from the paper we ordered from paper and more (great place for paper, envelops and pocketfolds) to do the invitations and save the dates that I used to make these. I used a scalloped circle paper punch and went to town punching out a gazillion (I counted) scalloped circles in our wedding colors. 

I picked this one up at Michael's.

In one of our many VistaPrint orders I had stickers printed up with our Portland wedding celebration logo. Yes, we have a logo for each event. We are special like that. Actually, our Maid of Honor made us two great logos and it was my bright idea to use one for the wedding and one for the Portland celebration. I stuck the stickers on each of the circles until they were all finished. I was actually working on these for another project, too so I really did do a gazillion of them.

While I was sticking on all of the stickers I heated up the glue gun. That way it was nice and hot when I was ready for it. I had picked up some packs of wooden picks and wooden swizzle sticks at Michael's. They are  near the kids craft supplies and are really cheap.  You will only need one bag of each kind. I still had lots left over when I was done. 

I put a spot of hot glue on one side of the pick/swizzle stick and stuck one of the red scalloped circles, sticker side up, to the hot glue. I turned the stick over and did the same thing on the other side this time using a blue circle. I repeated this process until I had all of the cupcake sticks and swizzle sticks completed. I think they came out great! 

If you have any questions on how to do these or the supplies I used, don't hesitate to ask. 

Cupcake Picks

Swizzle Sticks

What kind of DIY wedding projects have you been working on lately?

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All photos used to show how to make cupcake picks and swizzle sticks are personal photos.

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