Maui Wedding Planning Trip: Our Last Day on Maui

Sadly, our Maui Wedding Planning Trip had to come to an end. And we did return to Portland. Even though we didn't want to. We would have happily stayed and lived as beach combers, instead.

For our last breakfast we headed to Five Palms. It was right on the beach and perfect for our last morning together on Maui. They also had lovely mango mimosas. We loved it all so much, we've already decided to go there again for the last morning of our wedding trip. Thanks Sarah for this recommendation, too.

Having breakfast at Five Palms. 

The best Hawaiian sweet bread french toast I had on the island!

I'm seeing a lot more than 5 palms. 

After our delicious breakfast, we headed back to our timeshare to finish packing up and head out. We would have loved to have a more leisurely morning and had another dip in the ocean, but we had two important tasks to do before we headed to the airport. Before we left, I took as many tropical flower pictures as I could. We needed something to hold us over until we'd be surrounded by them, again. 

Hawaiian State Hibiscus

Double Hibiscus

We brought our Portland Wedding Celebration save the dates with us to Maui with the intention of sending them out while we were there. We had to wait until the day we were leaving to do this because we wanted to put the new Year of the Dragon stamps on them and that was their first day of issue. However, Drew addressed all of them on the plane on our way to Maui. That way all we had to do was put stamps on them really quick. 

Once we got to the post office, we were a little scared when we saw the line. It was long and we had to be to the airport by a certain time. Plus, we were hoping to make one more stop before the airport. Lucky for us the line moved really fast. I actually don't think I've ever been in a line for the post office that moved that fast. We had our stamps in about 5 minutes. Talk about efficient! 

Doesn't Drew have pretty handwriting? That's why he got to address all of them instead of me. 

It took a little time, even with both of us, to get all the stamps on the envelopes, but we did it. We were happy to have another item checked off the wedding to do list! Yes, our Maui Wedding Planning Trip was good for that. 

Off to get a cute Hawaii postmark. 

When the Portland Wedding Celebration save the dates were all in the mail, we got back on the road trying to get to one last place. I had found barkcloth for really cheap and wanted to pick some up for our home tiki bar that we are building. In Portland I pay $30 per yard for barkcloth. On Maui it was $8.47 per yard. I had to get some! I had my mom measure everything that we planned on doing with the barkcloth in the tiki bar and headed to the store with my measurements. 

We actually almost didn't have enough time to stop. Again we were lucky and didn't have any traffic on the way. Drew dropped me off, I ran across the store, grabbed the fabric I wanted and went straight to the cutting counter. I was in and out in 10 minutes with 12 yards of beautiful barkcloth. 

And that was it! Our trip was over. We returned our rental car and got to the airport on time. We were both just sad to be leaving at this point. At least, we have some great pictures to look back on. We hope you enjoyed our Maui Wedding Planning Trip as much as we did. We now return you to our regular lives in the Pacific NW....

What do you do to help yourself adjust after getting back from a great trip?

Did you miss some of our Maui Wedding Planning Trip? Here's a recap:

*We had a layover on Oahu

*We finally arrived on Maui

*We had our wedding cake tasting.

*We checked-up Paia and Baldwin Beach

*We fell in love with Iao Valley.

*We went to Kihei.  

*We had the most perfect day on Maui

All photos are personal photos.

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