Maui Wedding Planning Trip: Arriving on Maui

I've got to give you a little back story about the craziness of us getting to Maui. The night before we left, it started snowing. I'm not talking about a little snow either. It was coming down fast and a lot of it. Of course thoughts crossed our minds if we were going to be able to get out of the airport or not the next day.

Snow coming down at Knotty Cakes Ranch.

When we woke up the snow had already started melting, but not all was well. We went to turn on the lights and no power. We had to get ready for our trip in the dark! There was no making myself pretty since I could barely see. It's not easy getting ready with a flashlight in one hand. Luckily, we got out of there, to the airport on time and by the time we boarded, the snow was almost gone. Needless to say, we were more than ready to be on Maui by the time we landed!

Just a very little bit of snow left. Nothing  was stopping us from getting to Maui!

Our first day on Maui was pretty much spent running around like chickens with our heads cut off! No really, just picture us covered in feather with no heads, running around with a camera, pen and paper and pushing a shopping cart. We had a mission to complete and wanted to get it done as quickly as possible.

What is the mission you ask? To find out prices on items we needed for the wedding, comparison shop, figure out our welcome dinner menu and pick up some items to keep us well snacked and hydrated while on Maui. We also seriously needed something to eat! Hawaiian Airlines does still provide food and it's not bad considering, but after getting up at 5:30 in the morning and flying all day we were in need of some serious island grinds!

Wait, I almost forgot to tell you about our arrival! Flying into Maui was awesome. It was so pretty and we could not wait to get off the plane. Going down the escalator to baggage claim we were greeted by the awesome sign below. Don't you love it?

Just past the doors below the sign, we were greeted with leis made of purple orchids. Such a perfect way to start our Maui wedding planning trip! The greeter gave us some information on Maui and directed us towards the car rental. We loved feeling the aloha the minute we stepped off the airplane.

We got our rental car and instantly headed over to Geste Shrimp Truck. Since it was close to them closing I called ahead and let them know that we were coming. They were happy to wait for us and I am so glad that they did. We got the shrimp scampi and pineapple shrimp. Both were on a bed of cabbage and served with crab potato mac salad and rice. You know, traditional Hawaiian plate style.

Doesn't Drew look nice with that lei?

Oh! My! God! It was so damn tasty. I can't tell you enough to make sure you go there when you are on Maui. Just have it be your first stop once you are off the plane. Drew and I already plan on going there first thing off the plane in July.

Those were some tasty pineapple shrimp!

After the orgasm in our mouths, we headed over to Costco. It's also right by the airport which makes it really convenient. We were able to price all kinds of food, pick up some for our trip, check out some items for our out of town bags for our guests, figure out our welcome dinner menu and check out their flowers. We were really happy with the prices and selection there. I wish our local Costco carried all of that stuff!

While there I also checked out prices and items for some of the other Maui brides I've met through The Knot. We take care of each other like that! Ya, know!

We hit a couple more stores picking up items for the wedding, some presents to bring back for Amanda and comparison shopping before we headed to Lahaina to check in to our timeshare. When we got there is was dark and late. Well, it was late for Maui. Plus, we were still on Portland time and our bodies felt like it was even later. Drew made us a couple drinks and we passed out with no idea how beautiful the area around us was....

Alcohol? Check! Mixers? Check! Chocolate? Check! Now that's a well stocked fridge!

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of our Maui wedding planning trip! Hear about our amazing whale watching experience, our day in Lahaina and exploring the beach outside our timeshare. You won't want to miss it!

Did you have days packed full of wedding shopping? Did you feel less or more stressed after all of that shopping? Did you get everything done you set out to do?

All photos are personal photos.

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