Next Week

Next week we will be on the beautiful island of Maui. Next week we will be getting married. Next week! Where did the time go and how did we get here so quickly to be able to refer to our wedding as happening next week?

When you start off planning a wedding more than two years before your wedding date there are plenty of times when it feels like it will never get here. And then all of a sudden, your day is almost here. There is no more time for planning, DIYing or anything else wedding related. Your day has come. Even quicker when you are having a destination wedding and leave almost a week before the wedding.

Can't wait to see this sign again on Sunday! 

We are so excited to be visiting Maui, again and to be able to share one of our favorite islands with friends and family. We are looking forward to everything we have planned and long leisurely days in the sun. We can't wait to feel the sand between our toes and to sip tropical cocktails. To top it all off we are finally getting married. We are ready to do this wedding thing and move on to the next stage of our lives, together.

We will be posting some updates here when we have the time while on Maui. However, we will not be posting to Facebook or anything else like that. Instead we will be taking a break from social media and have chosen to not share our wedding in that way. We hope to see as many of you as possible at our Portland celebration to share our wedding with you then.

See you when we get back from the islands.

*All photographs are from our personal collection.

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