Beach Weekend of Wedding Projects

This past weekend, Drew, Amanda, Nicki, Mykie and I all went out to Manzanita to go to the beach house for a few days. Our goal was to complete as many wedding projects as possible. And wedding projects we did complete. We got almost all of them done with only a couple left being for the at home reception. I'll have plenty of time to finish up the last couple small projects, as soon as we are back from our wedding.

As well as all of the wedding projects we completed, we enjoyed a great weekend of making food in, trying out pineapple margaritas, watching non-stop wedding movies and walking on the beach every day. It was a nice break from home and greatly needed. If only the weather had been as sunny all of the days we were there as it was the last day. Hopefully, it will when we go back after everything wedding related is over and we can just have a whole weekend off to relax.

Walking Chichi on the beach. 

As a result of our busy weekend, we have a ton of DIY wedding projects coming your way very soon. We'll be showing you how we made our:

Retro Wood Wedding Signs
Some of Our Wedding Decorations
Paper Straw Flags
Stamped Little Wooden Spoons
Put Together Our at Home Reception Invitations
And so much more!

Until then, enjoy a recap of our past DIY projects! We made our....

*Soaps, Candy Bags and Helpful Information Bundles

*Postcard Packets

*Emergency Kits

*RSVP Packets

*Tears of Joy packets

*Wedding Fans

*Cupcake Picks & Swizzle Sticks

*Wedding Save the Dates

*Wedding Invitations

*Belly Bands for Our Wedding Invitations

*Mini Luggage Tags and Enclosure Card Bundles

*Bands for Our Wedding Invitation Boxes

*Wrappings for Our Wedding Invitations

*Seastar Ornaments for Guests as a Christmas Present

Did you work on any wedding projects this past weekend? What were they?

All photographs are from our personal collection.

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