You Know Your Getting Close to Your Destination Wedding When...

1. You sign up for a month's worth of unlimited tanning.

2. All of the projects on your wedding to do list, except the ones you have to finish once you arrive at your destination, are complete.

3. You start saying that next month we're going to Maui, or where ever your destination may be.

4. Your wedding vendors are no longer on island time when getting back to you.

5. All of your travel arrangements start sending you emails to remind you or your upcoming trip.

6. Your fiance starts sentences with, "When we are married...."

7. You start packing.

8. You up your beauty routine to include things like teeth whitening and body firming lotions.

9. You go shopping for summer dresses, fun, but practical wedges and bathing suits.

10. Your wedding guests start posting on Facebook about how they are going to Hawaii (Or insert your destination in here.) next month.

I can't believe all of this is starting to happen and that our wedding is finally happening next month. Not to mention that we will be on Maui for 15 wonderful days! Is it July, yet? I'm so ready to do this!

When and how did it hit your wedding day was quickly approaching?

*All photographs are from our personal collection.

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