Dress Fittings- Wedding Party Edition

A couple weeks back we had our first dress fitting. No, not Drew and I. That's just silly. Nicki, Amanda, Mykie and I. Yes, we are talking my wedding dress. No, I won't be sharing that with you. Instead, I'll be sharing what our wedding party will be wearing. All vintage Ui Maikai dresses from Hawaii made of barkcloth fabric covered in hibiscus and plumeria. LOVE!

I spent many months looking for these three dresses. I wanted Amanda and Myk to have something that went together, but wasn't exactly the same. I wanted Nicki to have something that went with the girls' dresses, but was her own since she is our Maid of Honor. Ideally I wanted the girls to have dresses with a white background and blue flowers, while Nicki's would have red flowers. That's not exactly what happened.

I found Amanda and Myk's dresses really quickly. And for great prices. Both of them were under $20! Not bad considering they were vintage and they are dresses for a wedding. However, finding Nicki's dress was a whole other story.

After many months of looking, I finally decided that fabric just wasn't made with a white background and red flowers. I thought about having Nicki wear a different dress all together. Something with a retro feel to it. But, in the end went back to her also wearing a Ui MaiKai dress in a different color scheme. Which our friend, Justin, just so happened to have for sale.

Drew and I decided that we would pay for Nicki and Myk's dresses for the wedding since Nicki had helped us do so much for it and as a result had saved us a ton of money. No, it's not typical to pay for your wedding party's attire, but in this situation it seemed like the right thing to do.

Lucky for us, Mom, Kathy Hayes, is one of the best tailors in Oregon. She can make anything with a needle and thread and can bustle a wedding dress like no body's business. Yes, if you want her number I can pass it along to you. You just have to ask for it. Not only is she doing all of my wedding dress alterations and our wedding party's alterations, but she's also making me a bolero jacket to wear with my dress and some other things you will all get to find out about later.

Plus, did I mention, it's free? Even with her great prices on alterations, we all know how quickly bridal alterations can add up. Free is always a much better price!

Amanda being fitted. 

Mykal being fitted. 

Nicki being fitted. 

First Mom made sure that the dresses fit everyone correctly and made adjustments to take them in at different places. She also checked the hems to make sure they would hit everyone at the same place on their legs. I actually wanted all of the dresses to be taken up a bit to give them more of a 50s/60s to feel to go with our Old Hawaii wedding theme.

Mom's so quick that Nicki and Mykal dresses have already been finished. Amanda's was done, as well. But then I decided I wanted sleeves added to it. Mom's working on adding those sleeves now with some of the extra fabric we cut off from the bottom of the dress. We are very lucky to have her to do all of these alterations for us. Can't wait to see how Amanda's dress turns out!

Love the way these dresses look next to each other. 

How did you decided on your wedding party's dresses? Did anyone have to have alterations done on their dresses?

*All photographs are from our personal collection.

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